On February 1, the Aardvark will close for good.

Everything ends. Maybe not on a cosmic level, but here on earth, in the laughably brief duration of human lifetimes, the institutions of men and women all have a final episode. People die. Narrative arcs reach their conclusion. Some say the world will end in fire, and some say “winter is coming,” but either way, we’re all goners. Even “American Pie” eventually runs out of verses. Things age and they change, but there’s a last page to every book, an end to every story.

One such story is that of the Aardvark, the Berry Street music venue that’s held on to its spot near TCU for nearly 20 years. Bought in 1998 by a then-26-year-old musician named Danny Weaver, the Aardvark’s 300-person capacity room was once an epicenter for Fort Worth’s music scene. If you were going to shows in the early 2000s, this was the place to be. I spent my early 20s there, both as a fan and a musician. Playing the Aardvark was my first “big” gig. Getting trashed on Sex with an Alligator shots was my first “big” bar tab. Ask any local band dude in their 30s or older, and you’ll get similar stories. Of course, you could also ask a lot of TCU alums who matriculated over the past two decades about the Aardvark, assuming their memories aren’t completely submerged beneath an ocean of Coors Light and Jägermeister. Such is life, right? But on February 1, 2018, the Aardvark, as it has been, will be no more.

In a phone interview on Monday afternoon, Weaver told me he’s selling the bar to Christ Chapel, the burgeoning Arlington Heights mega-church that has been holding a church service at the Aardvark every Sunday for the past eight years. “They made me a really good offer, and (the Aardvark) being the only bar over (on West Berry), there’s not the foot traffic we used to have, and there’s like 71 bars over on West 7th, so it’s made it harder to compete,” said Weaver. And

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  1. That’s where I discovered Nick Adair, his sound and message really resonated with me. You could tell he wasn’t one of the hipster wannabees, he was a true musician throughout his soul. When he got up there and would finger the guitar like no other artist of our time, it was magical. I have the Vark to thank for this blissful introduction to one of our generations greatest poets. It appears Adair has gone dark the past half decade, i can only imagine putting his pure genuineness to work. I can’t wait to witness the reemerge if he hasn’t already. If anyone could point me to his whereabouts i would be forever grateful. I can only hold out hope that his flame hasn’t withered.

  2. J Spencer! YES! Couldn’t agree more! One of my favorite Aardvark concerts of ALL TIME!! “Chloroform the one ya love!”

  3. Sugarbomb,Frolic, Color of May, Flickerstick, Jibe, Oliver Future, Taylor Craig Mills, Grand Street Cryers, Pimpadelic, and on and on. How I loved my time there. The staff Taylor, Michael,Adam,Danny…. always flawless.

  4. Nick Adair owns a restaurant in Houston called ‘Adair’s Kitchen’. He only played at the Vark the years he was in college at TCU just for some extra $.

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