Mariachi Rosas Divinas plays at Mariachi Christmas at Rose Marine Theater.

If you’re not of Latino descent, your eyebrows may very well raise at the title Mariachi Christmas. What could that be? First of all, let’s be grateful that Artes de la Rosa didn’t title this something like “Merry-achi Christmas,” as other such events around the country have done. Second, you’re unlikely to hear “Feliz Navidad,” as the most famous Spanish-language Christmas song was written by a Puerto Rican. You may hear Spanish remakes of songs from other languages such as “Noche de Paz” or “Blanca Navidad.” However, you’ll definitely hear a body of music from south of the border written for the season. This may include the ranchera song “Amarga Navidad,” containing a bitter kiss-off to a lost love, or “La Rama,” the song from Veracruz imagining the journey of Joseph and Mary.

The two-day event at Rose Marine Theater will feature such groups as Mariachi de Oro (not to be confused with Mariachi Alas de Oro, which also will be playing here) and the Metroplex’s only all-female band, Mariachi Rosas Divinas. If you’re tired of the same old Christmas tunes washing over the speakers at Starbucks, here’s the antidote for you.

Mariachi Christmas runs Fri-Sat at Rose Marine Theater, 1440 N Main St, FW. Tickets are $15-20. Call 817-624-8333.