Artist's rendering of the new Alamo Drafthouse to open in Denton.

Ever since the first Alamo Drafthouse in North Texas opened in Richardson in 2013, movie buffs in Tarrant and Denton counties have been wondering when we might get one of those on our side of the county line. Well, the wait is almost over, because the Austin-based movie theater chain announced today that a new theater in Denton is projected to open next June at the Rayzor Ranch development located on I-35 and Hwy 380.

If you haven’t visited any of the Drafthouse locations in Dallas or elsewhere in Texas, I can tell you that the cinema locations come with a full-service restaurant and bar (called the Vetted Well), and you can order food and drinks from your seat in the theater. Of course, Movie Tavern and Studio Movie Grill offer these same amenities, and they’re already in Tarrant County. However, the Drafthouse is distinguished by a large selection of locally made craft beers, so the Vetted Well can call itself a brewpub more readily than other movie theater restaurants can. The other big difference is on the screens themselves, as the Drafthouse makes a point of getting in low-budget and foreign films that don’t play at the multiplexes. This means that you, dear reader, can look forward to our film coverage including a few extra movies that the chain will be bringing to Denton. When we check out the shiny new space next summer, we’ll have all the details for you.