Ed Bass (right) and Sasha Camacho (sitting in black jacket) shown here dining with late actor Bill Paxton at the Lone Star Film Festival in 2015. (Photo by Jeff Prince)

Fort Worth billionaire Ed Bass and Sasha Camacho were married this past weekend. Congrats to them. Camacho led the “Just Say NO to Hooters in Downtown Fort Worth” movement in 2016 after the “breastaurant” empire announced plans to open a location across the street from Sundance West. The luxury apartment building –– where Bass and Comacho were living “separately” at the time –– is located in Sundance Square. The family-friendly downtown entertainment district was essentially built by Bass and his family starting in the 1980s.

In late 2015, we had noticed how Bass and Camacho were being snuggly together in public at the Lone Star Film Festival. Bass introduced her to us as a business consultant. We were told by a reliable source that Bass and Camacho were an item. We conjectured that Bass was behind the move to ban the restaurant with the big sign featuring owl “eyes” (“Who’s Against Hooters?” Jan 28, 2016).

The next day, local PR firm Hutson Creative called to say that Bass had no involvement in the anti-Hooters campaign and to ask for a correction (“Chest Having Fun,” Feb 3, 2016). Company owner Beth Hutson said “a group of residents” had hired the PR firm. “I’m aware of who’s involved, and Ed Bass is definitely not,” she said.

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At a subsequent public meeting, Camacho was one of two people who showed up to speak against the restaurant.

Perhaps it was the blushing bride’s intense distaste for slang-word signage being erected so close to the home of a billionaire that finally brought her and her man together. Other marriages have been built on less.