Morgan Wade has made his name and his living riding and winning freestyle competitions on a bicycle. On Sunday, he embarked on a ride much different from the kind for which he’s known. It’s a long-distance trek, and while they’ll likely encounter some inclines, he won’t have to pedal to get over them, and he’d probably be best advised not to attempt any tricks on his two-wheel ride. Wade will be astride a motorcycle – a big one – in a group trip to Las Vegas.

The ride, called “Destination Nowhere,” will include Wade and some colleagues from his sporting world, plus current and former U.S. military personnel. Mounting donated Harley-Davidsons, they set out from Irving with a goal of creating awareness for Tomahawk Charitable Solutions, a group that provides assistance to Special Operations Forces (SOF) and law enforcement communities and their families. Along the way, they’ll stop in various western locales for experiences like skydiving and target shooting.

In the video that is the focus of this post, Wade talks about his involvement in the Bikes for Baghdad program. He and other freestyle riders have made numerous trips abroad to put on shows for U.S. troops. You’ll see some footage in the video we sourced from Department of Defense archives. Video credits for those go to Staff Sgt. John Barnes of the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing and Spc. Megan Wessels of the 109th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment.


Disclosure: A company with which I am affiliated was paid to shoot some of the footage that went into this video.