Cuddly alpacas will be on display at the TXOLAN Sweetheart Spectacular, Fri-Sun.

Wednesday 07 – Many art histories frame the 13th-century artist Duccio as the last of Italy’s medieval painters, while his strikingly modern successor Giotto is the first of the Renaissance. However, Yale doctoral candidate Alexander Coyle aims to throw some doubt into that in his lecture Reframing the Renaissance: Duccio and the Development of Italian Panel Painting. The lecture is at 12:30pm at the Kimbell Art Museum, 3333 Camp Bowie Blvd, FW. Admission is free. Call 817-332-8451.

Thursday 08 – You may or may not remember Michael Cunio as the star of the 2001 film The Fluffer, a romance set in the world of gay porn. You may be surprised to find he has another career singing jazz standards, which he’ll be doing this weekend to inaugurate Casa Mañana Theatre’s new cabaret lounge. The performances are today thru Sun at 3101 W Lancaster Av, FW. Tickets are $25. Call 817-332-2272. 

Friday 09 – Jason O’Connell and Brenda Withers’ Cyrano dispenses with the rhyming couplets from Edmond Rostand’s French stage play and also drastically trims the cast. Five actors will portray all the parts in Amphibian Stage Productions’ first show of 2018. The play runs today thru Mar 4 at 120 S Main St, FW. Tickets are $25-100. Call 817-923-3012.


Saturday 10 – Unlike their relatives the llamas, alpacas were never bred to be beasts of burden but for their fine fleece, which is warmer and softer than wool and also hypoallergenic, though it doesn’t have wool’s waterproof quality. You can see hundreds of these gentle camel-like creatures at the TXOLAN Sweetheart Spectacular, which runs Fri-Sun at Will Rogers Memorial Center, 3401 W Lancaster Av, FW. Admission is free. Call 817-239-0725. 

Sunday 11 – Over the years, Del Shores has created many characters for his plays, movies, and TV shows, but he has found a few that he couldn’t fit into any of the stories he made. He’ll be at Circle Theatre for one night only to portray them in Six Characters in Search of a Play, so you can meet a porn-obsessed former drama teacher and a Texas waitress who hates vegetarians. The performance is at 3pm at 230 W 4th St, FW. Tickets are $25-30. Call 817-877-3040.

Monday 12 – The first Mazinger TV series appeared back in 1972 and has spawned films, books, and manga comics ever since then. Now Mazinger Z: Infinity picks up where the original TV show left off, continuing the saga of giant fighting robots and their brave pilots who must save the world from extinction. The film screens at 1pm Sun & 7pm today at various movie theaters; check Calendar for showtimes. Tickets are $11.50-12.50. Call 818-761-6100.

Tuesday 13 – Still the only classical musicians ever to have played at South by Southwest, Brooklyn Rider is a string quartet that has embraced new music and unusual collaborations with the likes of Béla Fleck and kamancheh player Kayhan Kalhor. Now the group comes by the Scat Jazz Lounge as part of the Cliburn Sessions series. No word yet on what they’ll play, but it probably won’t be Haydn. The music starts at 8pm at 111 E 4th St, FW. Tickets are $20-25. Call 817-870-9100.