Shawn Springs played 13 NFL seasons after the Seahawks drafted him third overall in 1997 out of Ohio State. He never played for the Dallas Cowboys, and, in fact, spent several seasons with the rival Washington Redskins. Thursday night, however, he found himself on a stage surrounded by former Cowboys.

Luckily for Springs, he also enjoyed the company of some fellow Ohio State Buckeyes on the stage, although Eddie George, Mike Wylie, and Doug Donley did play for the Cowboys as pros. The group had come together for a fundraiser to honor the memories of two former players who spent time as Cowboys and Buckeyes: Ron Springs and Terry Glenn.

Shawn is Ron’s son, and hearing the likes of Tony Dorsett and Drew Pearson say glowing things about his dad likely never gets old. The banter between former players also took an amusing turn as former teammates robbed each other. The younger Springs made fun of himself as he talked about how Glenn burned him in practice, and George drew laughs by agreeing with him a bit too enthusiastically.

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Springs’ long run of NFL success makes it easier to accept some joshing from his peers. The fact that proceeds from the event benefitted kidney disease-related charitable programs, and the honor they bestowed on  former Cowboy Everson Walls, who gave Ron one of his kidneys, also made it well worth his time. In this video interview, he talks about the evening and the mission.