Whether he’s photographing cityscapes, cars, or musicians, Gerard Bendiks looks to change the framing of his photos to create striking compositions that verge on abstraction. He’s the subject of Grackle Art Gallery’s one-night exhibit, which you can catch on Saturday evening.

Scenes Seen, 7-11pm Sat. Grackle Art Gallery, 4621 El Campo Blvd, FW. 817-615-0681.


  1. Would this Message please be forwarded to Gerard Bendiks?
    Hi Gérard,
    Has been a while since we last talked. 1977 on TCU Campus Brachman Hall.
    Still got that sort of Indian freaky shirt that I bought from you back then.
    So, I see you stayed in the Art field, professionally. Back then you were a passionate drummer and Art Blakey was one of your favorites.
    Great to know you‘re still in Fort Worth.
    Stay cool,
    Steve (the Kraut from Germany)