Danni & Kris (photo by Jeff Prince)

1) Fort Worth Live (306 N Houston) has an afternoon and evening of female songwriters performing music to benefit Safehaven Tarrant County. Not only is it a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with Fort Worth women who make music, you’ll be helping out an important charity. Here is the list of ladies taking the stage; music starts at 4:30pm with Remy Reilly, followed by Hannah Owens, Danni and Kris, Izzy Jeffery, Devi, Frankie Leonie, Simone Nicole, and Summer Lane Emerson closing out the show. General admission is $5. All ages. Here are Dani and Kris performing at a SoFar session:


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2) Throwback country crooner Simon Flory starts a month-long residency at Twilite Lounge (212 Lipscomb) Thursday night at 9pm. Besides his solo work, the multi-instrumentalist is also part of High Plains Jamboree, an Austin-based country bluegrass supergroup, like the Avengers with more three-part harmonies and no Thor. Here’s Flory jamming with another talented area songwriter, Morris Holdahl:


3) Friday at Fort Worth Live (306 N Houston), get a dose of jazz fusion and funk with Max Keeble’s Big Groove. If you’re hip to shit like Vulpeck, this is the local band you’ve been waiting to see. The show is free and starts at 8pm. They don’t have any videos up, so here’s a clip from the movie that inspires their name. Bassist Kyle Farley told me it’s a Millennial thing, so [SHOULDER SHRUG EMOJI]:


4) Welp, why not have one more for Friday? Lola’s (2736 6th St) gets fuckin’ loud with four of my favorite local bands: Duell, Heater, Sub-Sahara, and the Thyroids. Cover is $10, show is all ages, doors are at 8pm. Duell’s new record isn’t out yet, but I’ve heard pieces of it and it fucking slays. This Duell video is a few years old, but it’s one of my favorites, so eat it up, folks. BREAKFAST IS SERVED:


5) Desert Museum’s new album, The Hermit, official becomes available on digital platforms on Monday, so they’ll be playing a show at MASS (1002 S Main) that night, along with Annie Void and Black Hole Bears. Show is 18+, doors are at 8, and cover is $7. Here’s a Desert Museum track called “i,” featuring footage from some anime I’m unfamiliar with. Maybe Record of Lodoss Wars, but probably not: