Don’t get your hopes up, competitors and other crazy, non-fun people. The Fort Worth Weekly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

True, we are no longer being printed by the Dallas Morning News’ press, DFW Printing, but that’s just inside baseball. Nearby Midway Press has been doing a great job bringing you all of our irreverent reportage and wicked sharp criticism since early January – you probably never even noticed the difference. Weekly publisher Bob Niehoff said the DMN crew was “very helpful” during our transition, perhaps to be expected considering we had been working with DFW since the mid ’90s and had made lots of friends along the way.

“It’s unfortunate that DMN eliminated certain commercial printing products, but they always treated us fair,” Niehoff said before going on to add that any DMN employees who may have lost jobs during the transition are welcome to reach out to us for help in finding a new position or being put in touch with one of our many relationships in the market.


“No hard feelings,” he said. 


  1. If you are kicking so much ass, how about kicking the corruption at FWISD in the ass like you used to do. If you do that not only will you be doing the Ft. Worth community a great service but you would truly show us you still really know how to.