Haubrich: "I watched a lot of TV as a kid. Like, a lot." Photo by Edward Brown.

Many years from now, some writer may be tasked with recounting our current art scene. He or she would do well to include a chapter (or at least several witty paragraphs) on Shasta Haubrich.

Haubrich is best known as the communications director for Art Tooth, the artist-driven nonprofit, of which I am a member. She is also social media coordinator for the communications agency HOLLAND Collective, social media manager for Cafe Modern, and the go-to cocktail crafter for Pam Moncrief’s Pop Up Bar.

As we chatted at Cafe Modern, she gave me her backstory. She moved to Fort Worth in 2009 after various stints in Cleburne, Dallas, Portland, and Japan. Her parents encouraged her artistic ambitions from an early age. Haubrich studied AP art and theater in high school. She later earned an associate degree in art.


In 2010, she was hired the tend bar at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The choice of venue wasn’t an accident. Haubrich used the job to absorb every bit of knowledge about the professional arts world that she could. She attended lectures, underwent docent training, and chatted up Modern staff about their jobs.

Haubrich made her local artist debut via Exhibitionists, the 2015 show that featured works by employees of Fort Worth’s art museums. That show (which was organized by Dee Lara, Aimee Cardoso, and Shane Green) featured a work by Haubrich that defies categorization.

“Pop culture analysis,” she said. It’s a “physical representation” of pop culture.

Pie graphs and concentric circles in the work rank episodes of Saturday Night Live based on how funny they are. It was a rather large conceptual leap from her past medium — acrylic portraiture.

“My latest work required me to watch every episode of The Golden Girls,” she added. “I was an only child. I watched a lot of TV as a kid. Like, a lot. It’s always been something I’ve looked at on another level. You can notice the trends in how they write certain episodes. What they repeat is interested.”

Fun fact: The phrase “what are you doing up” is said 45 times across seven seasons, according to Haubrich’s Golden Girls research.

Haubrich’s superpower is being fabulous.

Last week’s art show at Shipping and Receiving (Fuck Your Art Degree) marks another handing off of the baton, Haubrich said. Art Tooth was handed the pop-up legacy from Bobby on Drums and Fort Works Art. Now, House of Iconoclasts (founded by Natalie Price) is creating space for new talent through edgy events.

All the local collectives have a “DIY attitude and have been able to build upon that,” Haubrich said. “We’re all trying to show a diverse array of artists but in different ways. Art Tooth, we’ll always have our connections to the Modern.”

Haubrich is in the thick of planning Spring Gallery Night’s pArty bus, the biannual collaboration between Blackhouse and Art Tooth. Later this month, 100 party goers will enjoy curated stops at the Community Art Center, Race Street, Fort Works Art, Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, and  SiNaCa Studios.

“I try to rotate between places everyone would go to and places they normally wouldn’t,” Haubrich said.

Art Tooth’s Haubrich, Aimee Cardoso, and Ariel Davis have spent a lot of time thinking about what the artist community really needs. Haubrich summed up Art Tooth’s goals for 2019 and beyond.

“We spent three years putting shows together and getting a feel for what artists need,” Haubrich said. “They need people to pay attention to them and [for potential patrons] to step outside of their circles. We’re trying to build connections between patrons and artists.”

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  1. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Shasta at an Art Tooth event. She was buzzing around with a smile on her face the whole time. She felt like an old friend 😉 The art gang in Fort Worth are truly one-of-a-kind!