Grim Streaker will be at Lola's on Saturday.

1) It’s Southby-Stopover Season continues with NSFWNKD Parade of Flesh’s Deep Ellum-based, multi-day fest that brings mid-level-and-bigger touring acts who have been at SXSW to Deep Ellum venues before they head home. This year’s lineup’s highlights:

Friday: Ritt Momney at Club Dada, with the Bralettes, and GYMSHORTS. I don’t know anything about Ritt Momney, and I think their name is dumb, but I love the Bralettes, and GYMSHORTS (from Rhode Island) play a buzzy, breezy, Ramones-ish brand of stoner punk that kind of sounds like a heavy sativa strain chuffed through a really long bong and then laff-koffing because you realize just how on-brand a pothead you’ve become.

Saturday: Jerry Paper at Three Links, with Hala and Alys Revere. This bill fits in with the Spotify playlist you make that overlaps with the more dream-pop stuff from the High Maintenance soundtrack, which you can also find on Spotify. IMO, the first season’s soundtrack is the best.

Knockouts 300x250 Tiffanie

Sunday: Mike Krol at Club Dada, with Psychedelic Prn Crumpets and Frankie & the Witch Fingers. Mike Krol is power pop that kind of reminds me of Jacuzzi Boys.

I don’t know if you can buy a wristband for this whole thing or not. You’ll have to do your own digging, and probably buy tickets to each thing separately, but here’s a link to get you started on this quest. Here’s a video of a Breath of the Wild speedrun, because I typed the words “link” and “quest,” and now Legend of Zelda is on my brain:

2) Gah that was a lot to write, so here’s a short one: Friday night at MASS: Dead Soft, Joe Gorgeous, Ferals, and Ting Tang Tina at MASS (1002 S Main). Doors at 8, 18+ (or younger if you have a grownup with you), cover is between $5 and $10. Here’s a Dead Soft video:

3) Ronnie Heart is DJing at Off the Record (715 Magnolia) on Friday.

4) Saturday night at Tin Panther (937 Woodward): Flight By Nothing, Josh and the Jet Noise, Tell Emile. 21+, doors at 8, cover is $5. Here’s Flight By Nothing playing their debut show at the Curtain Club:

5) Lola’s has a St. Paddy’s Day punk fest on Sunday that starts at 1pm and cost $10 to attend.

Grim Streaker (NY)

Ox Combine

Bomb Quixote

Gas Station Sushi

Creatures & Chemicals

Sloth Fist


4 Pistol Front


Rocky the Ramone

This is a video of people fighting in Wrigleyville during St. Patrick’s Day 2017