Jarrell McDonald owns the Cross-Eyed Moose in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards but spent most of his life as a railroad engineer with Union Pacific. He retired from the railroad not long ago and is living the good life now, smoking cigars out behind his store in the middle of the day and selling belt buckles to Kid Rock. I asked Jarrell to be a guest on the show a while back. He was gung-ho until learning he had to sing. “Can I be on the show but not sing?” he asked. “No singy, no showy,” I said. The lure of 15 minutes of fame was too much, and Jarrell eventually overcame his phobia. He doesn’t sing loud, but I give him props for the effort. Our audio recorder is still broken, and we have to use the iPhone’s built-in mic for audio, but we will back to normal for next week’s episode. To toast, Jarrell and I head a short distance down Main Street to Los Asaderos for cold cerveza. Afterward, we go to the train tracks east of the Stockyards to sing a train tune made famous by Johnny Cash. Thanks for the public warbling and train whistle sound, Jarrell. You’re a trooper.Jeff Prince