The Henderson are ready to rock Friday on the Green. (Courtesy of Facebook)

1) The last Friday on the Green concert of 2019 is this week. Reggae upstarts Lion Eye Band headline the free, outdoor, Friday night show, with direct support from Son of Stan, themselves preceded by the Hendersons, and Chillamundo, who kick off the bill at 6pm. You know the deal with this. Bring your kids, bring your parents, bring a blanket, bring a lawn chair, bring money for concessions, or don’t bring any of those things if you don’t want to. Lion Eye put out this video for their song “My Life” in the spring, notable for being filmed in both the United States and Jamaica, and featuring backup dancers who apparently come from Europe:

2) Los Angeles-by-way-of-Philly art rock band MAN MAN are playing Lola’s Trailer Park (2735 5th St) on Friday night with Austin-based psychedelic pop band Calliope Musicals rocking the show’s after party. MAN MAN go on at 7pm, and tickets to the show are $15, available online from Prekindle. I assume that Calliope Musicals play in Lola’s Saloon, though the event invite doesn’t specify, so really, they could be playing in a haunted hourse or on Mars or at the Aardvark for all I know. Show is 18+. If you’re all, “oh I remember MAN MAN!” you’ll probably remember this song and its accompanying video:


3) This Saturday at MASS (1002 S Main), local label/defacto documentarians of the Fort Worth music scene Dreamy Life Records is throwing a release party for their latest volume of their annual compilation album. Entitled Group Therapy Vol. 5, the album features new and/or unreleased tracks from bands and artists from Fort Worth, Dallas, Denton, and the Mid-Cities, assuming Steve Gnash still claims Euless. Besides Gnash’s contribution (called “Matinee”), you’ll find songs from All Clean, Juma Spears, Pearl Earl, Starfruit, Summerjob, Upsetting, Wrex, and 16 more. The party’s $10 cover includes a copy of the comp’s cassette edition, and in addition to performances of 17 of the artists represented – including War Party, whose “Negative Consumer” is the comp’s first track and the band’s (alleged) last hurrah – there’s a carnival with midway-style games and a raffle for prizes donated from local businesses like Avoca Coffee, the Boiled Owl Tavern, Four Sisters Vietnamese Restaurant, Morgan Mercantile, and more. All proceeds from the carnival and raffle will be donated to RAICES. The all-ages show starts at 2:30pm, with bands playing inside MASS and on an outdoor stage. Here’s a Starfruit video:

4) Polydogs bring their hard rock riffage to Twilite Lounge (212 Lipscomb) on Saturday night, and their crowd-pleasing, musical alacrity and deep knowledge of the classic rock canon are sure to make the intimate band-watching experience that is catching a show at Twilite an ear-ringing blast. Show is free, 21+, and starts at 9:30. Polydogs get way bluesy in this video, shot at a MASS performance back in February:

5) How long has it been since Stooges-and-other-proto-punk tribute band Stoogephilia last played? Let’s settle on “a long while.” But anyway, the cadre of slap-happy, amp-feedback aficionados love nothing more than scorching ears and melting brains with high-gain rock ’n roll fury, and they’re bringing their flamethrowers to the Sunshine Bar on Sunday evening. The Phorids, themselves huge fans of blowing out onlookers eardrums, open the show at 6pm. Show is 21+, cover is but a paltry $5. Here’s Stoogephilia covering “Now I Wanna Be Your Dog” seven years ago at Doc’s old location: