Dave is asking all his friends to come out and drink Miller High Life tonight. Photo by Wesley Kirk.

Dave Riddile (who recently announced that he is starting a new career in Seattle) has a lot to show for the past five years of his life. Professionally, the Collective Brewing Project’s social media/marketing director has introduced his brewpub’s beer to new markets across the country through festivals and networking events. His photographs have been featured in Time, and he’ a frequent contributor to Good Beer Hunting.

Locally, he co-created the art show series Art + Collective and continues to serve on the board of the artist-driven nonprofit Art Tooth. I sat down with Riddile at Collective Brewing to unpack some of the prouder moments of his work in the local beer scene. When Collective Brewing opened in 2014, Riddile became one of the brewery’s first regulars.

“All four beers [they had] were incredible and unlike anything I had tried locally,” he said. “They were doing something different — something beyond just the regular.”

Dave: Fort Worth is making its best beer yet. Photo by Lily Waite.
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Early the next year, he started bartending for Collective Brewing. That role led to social media gigs and, eventually, a marketing title. Riddile saw an opportunity to grow the brewery’s brand through participation at niche festivals like Beer Meets Wood and Extreme Beer Fest. Often, those opportunities started with unsolicited emails or calls. Beginning in September 2017, the brewery took a strategic turn toward cultivating relationships with festivals, distributors, and brewers across the United States. That effort accelerated in 2018 when Riddile found himself traveling twice a month to far-flung festivals across the country. 

“It has raised the profile of the brewery,” he said. “It has given us the opportunity to work with other breweries, to share knowledge, and to learn.”

Around that time, Cup O’ Beer gained national notoriety after Draft Magazine posted a photo of the then-new beer on Instagram. Calls and inquiries from VinePair, Food and Wine Magazine, and other publications gave the modest Near Southside brewpub national attention.

Riddile is making final preparations before taking over as the general manager of No Anchor beer bar in Seattle. He said Fort Worth is making its best beer yet.

“I just came from Rahr’s 15-year anniversary,” he said. “To last 15 years is an accomplishment. To pivot as they have from traditional styles to more American styles has been impressive to watch. Martin House is wild and out there but still focused on consistency for their core stuff. HopFusion is popular. Cowtown Brewing is taking lagers and doing stuff that’s beyond what’s expected. Turning Point is on the front edge of what’s popular.”

Riddile sees his role as being part of that craft beer machine. Fort Worth beer, he said, is catching up [with the rest of the country] in a way that is going to surprise a lot of people. The Fort Worth native is proud to have been contributed to Fort Worth’s culture as a board member of Art Tooth. He plans to bring that art-minded ethos to No Anchor and its upcoming brewpub venture.

“My long-term goal is to open a bar one day,” he said. “I’d be glad if that happens in Fort Worth. I have more learning to do. That’s what I’m going to get from this time away. I’m excited to break away and to put myself outside of my comfort zone and do something new that uses the skills I’ve built in Fort Worth.”

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On Tap this Week:

Dave’s Going Away Party. Tonight at 8pm

From Dave: Yo! I’m moving to Seattle this month and wanted to throw a party before I go. Join me at Twilite Lounge Fort Worth where it will be my mission, and yours if you choose to accept it, to drink all of their Miller High Life! Later in the evening, we may move this party to La Zona or OTR for some dancing. Hope to see you all! Visit the event page here.