Maven’s Moon Apothecary & Faery Cottage is a funky little shop that’s owned and operated by a green witch in River Oaks. Maven’s metaphysical store contains locally made elixirs to soothe what ails you, from stress to gout to a lovesick heart. She maintains a community garden in her backyard and grows myriad herbs for her cacophony of concoctions. Her mixtures of herbs and cinnamon water make her pedicures and manicures to die for, or so I’m told. Maven sells crystals and oils for spiritual growth and paints and sells original art work on site. Most months, she hosts Full Moon Gatherings, where people stand in a circle around a fire pit and summon deities of love and light to answer their prayers. The next Full Moon Gathering is July 4, although Maven is also inviting folks to stop by on Saturday, June 27, for the annual Freedom Fest and to watch the always spectacular River Oaks fireworks show. Maven has a fun personality that I enjoy being around even though I don’t understand half the stuff she’s into. We toast with moon water — see what I mean? — that Maven serves in a shot glass with a crystal stone in the bottom for luck. Maven has six kids, and the youngest of her daughters, 13-year-old Emma, joins us in singing one of the greatest moon-themed songs ever written. Thanks for being on the show, Emma and Maven! Visit the shop at 1111 Roberts Cut Off Road to discover a whole new world. — Jeff Prince