Yesterday was the scene of large marches and rallies in Fort Worth and Weatherford, both opposed to and for the Black Lives Matter movement. Weekly photographer and writer Jason Brimmer, who provided these photos, said that “a large group of citizens, well in excess of 200, gathered on the grounds of the Parker County Courthouse in downtown Weatherford to protect a statue dedicated to the Confederate veterans of Parker County from being defaced and possibly removed.”

“This group was met by protesters from Fort Worth and Dallas who arrived to protest the Confederate memorial,” he said. “The two groups began to clash immediately, and verbal as well as physical disputes began to break out. After state troopers began to amass east of the courthouse, the protesters retreated to the west side of the building. Around 6 p.m., police declared the gathering to be illegal and pushed both groups off the courthouse property. Small confrontations continued to occur as both groups marched toward Waco Street, at which point the state troopers intervened and took one man into custody.”



  1. Way to go Parker County! Want to protest stay in your own county and tear that up if need be. However I think Parker County residents have spoken…. stay your ass OUT Of PARKER COUNTY.

  2. Violence??? We’re you there???🤬 I drunk guy showed up that wasn’t for either side. That’s the picture where cops are running. And a protested got shoved and hit a guy. I hardly call that violence compared to everything else going on.
    But you won’t report it correctly. And I’m sure I’m wasting my time! #Fakenews

    • The people of that town really showed the world who they are and what they stand for. If you really still don’t believe that racism is alive and well all anyone has to do now is watch the videos that all posted all over the internet now, very sad state of affairs. But thanks to the people of Weathorford TX for showing up the way y’all did and who you reall are.

      • Why shouldn’t they protect their own town from marauders from out of town coming in and telling them what they will or will not live with! If the people of Weatherford want that statue, it’s up to the people of Weatherford, not a mob from out of town. If anything, this incident proves that most Americans want to decide for themselves what goes on in their own town. I’m proud of my fellow Texans standing up to liberal fascism!

      • Mike Durham,
        They are just like you. They don’t want their town destroyed & they don’t want out of towner’s disrespecting their home.
        I grew up around Weatherford all my life. Those people will do anything for anybody, regardless of race, color, or creed. There is one condition and one condition only, ACT LIKE YOU’VE GOT SOME SENSE WHETHER YOU HAVE ANY OR NOT!

  3. The traitorist Confederate supporters began it…….. peaceful protesters were assaulted by the Traitor elements.

    Also remember and use in your journalists reports…Who What When Where How and Why…. otherwise not a complete story.

  4. Is there any verifiable information that the BLM protestors came to Weatherford in several buses? Most likely from Fort Worth.

  5. There are no images of these young people being spanked over their mom’s knee, that’s a pretty good clue they weren’t from around Weatherford.

  6. The protesters came to Weatherford to be destructive and to antagonize the citizens of Weatherford. The BLM and Antifa were the initiators of any violence. The red head hit one of the citizens with her sign. Her mother grabbed her to take her away and she resisted and cursed her mother.

    Outsiders coming to Parker county are not welcome if they want to bring trouble and intimidate the businesses and citizens.

    • So very proud of the counter-rioters of Weatherford, Texas. I have wondered what had become of the Patriots-and now I know. You are an example for the rest of the nation. People who are not willing to stand up against this trash, should leave Texas.
      Forever Proud to be a Texian!!!!!!!!!

    • They need to arrest them all and keep arresting them and make the fines steep until they run out.of money cause someone is funding them. This is scary. They are being exploited and dont even realize. They are going to keep pullinthis. They need to find out who is funding them.

  7. Exactly, love how otherpeople can come and dictate your beliefs, your property, and the way you live. Grear Job Wearherford Residence!!

  8. What violence???? I was there it was peaceful and very short lived. Again the media over Exaggerated and down right lied. This also came out in the Fort Worth Star Telegram that it was Violent and again false information.

    • I’m a PROUD TEXAN! Not racist and I’m from Weatherford along with kids and grandbabies and I won’t let anyone come and destroy my property no matter what! Go shit on your own property and stay the hell off mine!

  9. When are they going to start providing riot shotguns to the Police. This crap is no different than when the japs attacked Pearl Harbor to start WORLD WAR II.

  10. The protestor were NOT antifa Like reported.They ndidnt come in 4 brand new buses like reported. One of the organizers was from Weatherford .They had filed for and received a permit from the city. They had made an official statement of intent. There was no intent to tear down the statue like reported.They had water bottles thrown at them,They were told to get their Ni%%er asses out of there, there were guys with guns POINTED at them like snipers .. There group was rushed by anti protestors and they had a man pull a knife on them . .All of this is on videotape for all to see if someone want to look it up.Somehow many of the anti protestors have got a feeling of pride and unity for coming together to intimidate a bunch of peaceful protestors.whos only intent was to protest the statue being on the courthouse lawn.

    • Lol “guns pointed at them like snipers”
      You made it clear you have no clue about firearms or military tactics or history at all for that matter. Have you somehow missed the crowds of black clad rioters destroying property and assaulting people? These “protestors” were dressed just like them and if you wear the uniform you are at minimum interested in similar results.
      How can you people have this break from reality. It doesn’t matter where they came from or what they CLAIM to be doing, if reality does not match you are not that thing. You cannot show up somewhere wearing the uniform of people that have burned cities and killed people and claim you are there to be “peaceful protestors” and expect the people around to believe you.

    • You were more than likely one of the agitators and do not even know what statues are in your home town that you and your neighbors walk or drive by every day without a care for decades – because that carved stone, at a turbulent time a century or century and a half ago – brought a truce and peaceful new beginning for people to put aside the past and start anew, building a better future.

      So instead of going in a positive direction for yourself, to improve your life, contributing to your community – you believe in playing the 21st Century Monday morning Quarterback for Democrat slavery, Democrat Oppression, Democrat 2A violations to the black community, Democrat voting oppression to the black community, Democrat JIM CROW laws . . . that Republicans/non Democrats/former Democrats have fought against since 1787 when Democrats REFUSED to free slaves and a compromise was made in order to form a new Nation……. you are playing Nazi tactics with smearing a group of people, threatening physical harm and promising destruction and chaos if they do not do what you want.

      New York was a slave State, along with 7 others in 1789 that REFUSED to free blacks.

      28 people have been murdered by BLM during these Democrat Protests in an attempt to yet again, to try to shift the blame of the Democrats sins onto innocent people that had NOTHING TO DO with DEMOCRAT SINS of slavery or oppression.

      That excludes the 5 Dallas Officers that were assassinated by BLM 4 years ago.

      The most recent evidence of DEMOCRATS fighting to keep oppression on Blacks is when they made history again, by trying to squash the Civil Rights Act by filibustering 75 days because they wanted to keep blacks oppressed and be able to “legally” do so in their controlled areas -OVER HALF A CENTURY AGO.

      So BLM, pull your heads out, stop destroying and murdering, get a job, build a life and leave other innocent people along. There is nobody alive from 1865. Republicans kept their ground for freedom for all when they have consistently pushed decade after decade, century after century to squash the Democrat Oppression.

  11. Eric, You’re still oblivious about, “What happened.”
    This story is garbage, almost no truth to it. There were no flags bearing swastikas —NONE! The Enough Is Enough group came to Weatherford waving these obnoxious, insulting signs, calling the townspeople racists, calling their heritage racist and calling their ancestors racists. They’re jumping up and down screaming, “Who’s Life Matters?” The Crowd screams, “All Lives Matter.” Yes, there were some confederate flags. I was called names by the protesters. Three scuffles ensued. That’s it. There were two arrested — both were from Fort Worth. The guy that claims to be the organizer of this soiree, did once live in Peaster, before leaving to become a male stripper and building a rap sheet. UGH! At one point, he tried to teach dance but failed to disclose that he is a convicted felon. Parents out here aren’t racists but still they don’t want their little girls taking dance lessons from convicted felons. So now he’s trying to be the great leaders of the black community in Parker County. There are two problems with that — “the black community of Parker County,” is made up of beautiful, accomplished, doctors, lawyers and brilliant entrepreneurs. These people have a diverse group of brilliant, successful friends, who are like them. They’re leaders in their own right. They don’t need to look to a failed male stripper, with a stage name of “Cannon” to lead them. None of us in Parker County need a group of Metroplex Marxist misfits coming over here and screaming their lungs out, telling us what kind of art to display on our courthouse lawn. We’re just now emerging from a draconian lockdown and our businesses are still struggling. If you don’t like being called names — stop coming over here, making a fuss and telling us what to do. If you continue to come over to Parker County and “protesting” don’t go whining to the Metro-mess media if somebody calls you a bad name when you called them one first. Grow up. There’s no crying in the business of protesting.