Raise your paw if you need your hair did. Image courtesy Facebook

As pet adoptions and pet ownership soared this year amid COVID, with 60% of households in the United States having at least one pet per Corvis News, PetSuites Alliance wants to encourage the local community to think about its Pet Parents and furry friends as they start to make their holiday gift-giving lists.


Why not give your furry friends extra special attention this year in particular as they’ve given us so much joy during the quarantine? PetSuites’ trusted team of pet-loving pros deliver memorable experiences with personalized service, making PetSuites a fun and convenient home away from home for pets. Along with boarding, daycare, and puppy preschool, grooming and training packages are available.


PetSuites also has some tips on how to keep pets just as jolly as their owners during the busy holiday season.


HAVING COMPANY?  If you are hosting a party, you may want to treat your pet to a silent night by boarding them until morning. Always make sure your pet has a “safe space” in your home. Hectic holiday hustle and bustle can cause anxiety and stress in pets.


DECORATE UNDISTRACTED!  Need a minute to get the house in order, wrap presents, or do some special cooking?  Consider getting Fido out from under your feet by treating him to a play day at Doggie Daycare. Keep decor up high to avoid choking hazards and accidental ingestion that could make your pet sick.


DON’T OVER INDULGE! Make sure that any special indulgencies your pet may get are animal-friendly. Things like turkey bones can cause choking. Alcohol, chocolate, and a host of other things are on the naughty list for pets as they may be poisonous to animals. Please do the research.


PetSuites would like to wish everyone health, happiness, and lots of snuggles this holiday season. Use code FWWEEKLY for a $35 credit towards any service, valid through year-end at both the Chisholm Trail (5501 Columbus Tr, 682-310-7818) and Fort Worth Alliance (8496 N Riverside Dr, 972-992-5095) locations.