Tarrant County Public Health (TCPH) officials recently announced a new online portal to register for the COVID-19 vaccine. The inoculation is offered at no cost, and any resident can register, although priority will be given to health care workers, the elderly, and individuals who are at high risk of contracting the novel coronavirus or have one or more chronic health conditions. 

“TCPH will determine if you qualify for a vaccination at this time and then send you an email regarding your eligibility status,” a city statement read.

As of January 4, 22,776 individuals in Tarrant County have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the Department of State Health Services, (DSHS) while nearly 1,000,000 vaccines have been shipped to vaccine providers in Texas. DSHS estimates that Tarrant County currently has around 40,000 active COVID-19 infections. COVID-19-related deaths have reached 352,000 in the United States. Around 1.5 million Texans have contracted the disease, including 137,518 documented infections in Tarrant County, and 1,458 Tarrant County residents have died from the disease. 

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While vaccination doses remain limited, a city statement read, quantities are expected to increase over the coming months. Tarrant County residents are encouraged to register now so county officials can better plan how to distribute the vaccine moving forward. 

“We understand that there has been some confusion about the vaccine availability, and we are doing our best to get the most accurate and current information out to residents,” said Brandon Bennett, Fort Worth health officer. “Distribution of this size is not something that is done on a regular basis, and the city is supporting Tarrant County as they try to get the vaccine to as many residents as possible.”

Details on which groups are currently prioritized for COVID-19 vaccinations can be found at DSHS’ website, and further information on the county’s vaccination plans can be found at



    • There are a number of us older persons that are not really up to date on the computer systems, and has tried to register for the Covid-19 Vac., but can’t find out when and where!!! Is there one place we can connect, or go to for registation . I live in Fort Worth, Texas and there seems to be no one giving out locations. I most admit that because of my age, and for getting somethings, I may be missing something, but not something this important. Can you help?

  1. Thanks Mattie
    The number of senior citizens unable to access the registration site is numbered in the thousands.
    My wife and I, are lost and unable to contact, file or resister.
    Thanks for your post.
    William E. Dean and Brenda Dean

  2. I have been trying to register for both me and my husband (Jerry) and can’t seem to do that. We live in Ellis Co. Midlothian. When will the vaccine come to Midlothian? Gov. Abbott said that the vaccine can be given to others beside residence in Arlington.

  3. I’m in Group 1B and registered on 1/3. Since then there has been a total lack of information coming from Tarrant County Health. Friends in other counties are getting the vaccine in mass vaccination venues, while we in Tarrant seem to be lagging way behind. I plan to call our county judge this morning.

  4. I am from Johnson County and don’t know where to sign up. I tried Tarrant County and couldn’t find where to sign up. We need to find something clear and simple. Thanks.

  5. We registered during the first week of January. How can I make sure we properly registered and are on the list to receive the vaccine. I am 85 and my wife is 84.

  6. I am 77 years old b.d.9/10/43 I have tried and tried to register for a vaccine. Please sign me up. I live in Hurst.

  7. I am 88 and have signed up 5 times- cannot get any information. i know many -younger than myself- signed up and got shot in the next day. what the hell is going on?? No one to call- how can i get this shot?? I give up

  8. we live in bel air md. 21014 my wife & i want to get registed to get the corona virus vaccine. how ,when, & where can we get this done ?

  9. Not a Tarrant county resident but signed up in Tarrant county for ease of registration. Is there a requirement that I must live in Tarrant county. I am a Texas resident.

  10. I feel the state of Texas and its Counties have failed us terribly, It’s just mass confusion and while the eleery like myself are so confused about what to do and where to get answers and there does not seem to be anyone to ask. I signed up on the tarrant county,com and filled out a form on line and today got a response but it does not make any sense other than to tell me that I would be getting a call, text or email with further info.

  11. Got a text the night before my test date, I couldn’t mAke it as I have no car plus I was in Harris hospital trauma having a broken ankle set.

  12. I also am having trouble finding a place to sign up for a vaccine. I’ve looked on all websites from newspapers information. So I hope someone will reply to this. I live in Hood County in Granbury Texas. Ph # 8179647708. Please feel free to contact me. Thanks

  13. Hello,
    My wife and I signed up for our shots in January and have had one notice that shots will be coming soon.
    Nothing since.
    We are both in our seventies and worry each day we haven’t received our shots.
    Please give us information on when and where we can get our shots.

  14. My husband & I use the same email and phone number. I received a voicemail wanting to set up a time at ball park in Arlington on Thursday 3/4/2021 and it didn’t specify if it was both of us. Due to medical reason we have to do them at the same time. Please advise.