Based on recently declassified information, MLK/FBI is screening at Magnolia at the Modern.

Our love of film has not diminished with the closings and reopenings and permanent closings of movie theaters plaguing us throughout 2020. We’ve learned to marathon-watch our favorite film franchise sequels and whole TV shows over a weekend and have embraced the concept of skipping the theater and instead enjoying feature films going straight to Netflix or other streaming services.

However, last year we also rediscovered the drive-in movie. When the cabin fever hits, we’re ready to attend events. We now watch films on the sides of buildings and on rooftops, at rec centers, churches, and museums. The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (3200 Darnell St, 817-738-9215), for example, recently relaunched Magnolia at the Modern, the institution’s ongoing series of critically acclaimed movies, foreign films, and independent works.

At 4:30pm or 7:30pm Fri, 5pm Sat, and noon or 3pm Sun, see MLK/FBI, a documentary in which filmmaker Sam Pollard examines U.S. government surveillance of Martin Luther King Jr. based on findings in recently declassified files. This film runs for 102 minutes and is not rated.

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Beyond MLK/FBI, other upcoming screenings in the series running thru Feb 7 include No Man’s Land, Our Friend, and Little Fish. Tickets are $8-10. For showtimes, visit