This book by Erin Reagan (I mean, Bridget Moynahan) is available on Amazon. Courtesy Facebook

Will the Chiefs beat the Buccaneers? Who knows. Neither team has an animal mascot — my usual go-to in football pots because “I want the animals to win” — and my good friend Bruce Corbitt isn’t here to advise me (#CancerSucks). What I do know is this: It’s hard to beat a Reagan.

My love for the hit television drama Blue Bloods is a recent development. During the pandemic’s early days, I started binge-watching it from Season 1 via Hulu when we all worked from home. The fictional Reagan family headed by the police commissioner (Tom Selleck) includes his children, who are a district attorney, a beat cop, and a detective, plus Grandpa, who also retired from the force.

Beyond the scope of a typical procedural cop show, Blue Bloods covers every level of the rank-and-file police work through a cop family’s eyes. Professional and personal problems are solved around the dinner table at the weekly Reagan Sunday supper.

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Blue Bloods is a nice mix of gritty and warm and fuzzy. It was just what I needed during lockdown. In a matter of only months, I managed to watch every episode from Season 1 through the end of Season 9, when — spoiler alert — the youngest Reagan son marries his partner because, of course, he married someone on the job.

Fast-forward to now.

Somehow, I have not kept up with Blue Bloods on primetime television. Once my schedule was somewhat normalized, I’d occasionally check for more Hulu seasons but to no avail. I recently figured out why that is. CBC is streaming it on their platform now.

What does this have to do with football?

The actress who plays Erin Reagan — the district attorney — is Tom Brady’s ex-girlfriend. The two of them are amicably co-parenting a 13-year-old son (the “kiddo” he famously hugged), so it was no surprise to me when Bridget Moynahan took to Twitter and had this to say to Brady about the division title that has taken him to the Super Bowl: “Could not be more proud. @TomBrady said he would do it, and he did. Congratulations, @buccaneers.”

This show of unity is what the world needs right now, so unless I decide to binge-watch Season 10 of Blue Bloods — and the available episodes of the current season — all weekend, I’ll be watching the Big Game on Sunday and rooting for the Buccaneers. As I said, it’s hard to beat a Reagan.