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There are so many different ways you can furnish your restaurant. You could go with a more traditional look and have all of your furniture match. Or you could be a bit more contemporary and have a variety of furniture. Either way, you just want your space to look good and make your guests comfortable.


There are definite advantages and disadvantages to different furniture pieces, so be sure to think carefully about which ones you’d like to have your guests sit in. One that is often contested is the bar stool. Not all restaurants have them, while others have a surplus. See why they can work for some restaurants but not in others.




There are several pros to having bar seats in your restaurant. For starters, having this option allows for a higher seating capacity for your space. Not only that, but it’s also more inviting for solo diners. Many people travel for work and just want to enjoy a casual meal with a drink or two. Sitting on a bar stool allows for customers like this to relax, enjoy their meal, while also having some light conversation with the bartender.


In addition to adding more seating, restaurant bar stools also add more variety into the space. It’s appealing to see different types of furniture in a restaurant, and can even impact the customer’s dining experience. It may seem silly, but since most people have regular chairs in their homes, having the ability to sit in something like a bar stool helps them relax more and enjoy getting out, since it’s less like their homes.



Even though there are some clear advantages to having bar stools, there are also some clear disadvantages. One obvious reason is their height. This is usually a problem for older or very young customers, who have trouble getting on and off the stools. While these groups don’t make up your whole customer base, it certainly makes them less likely to come to, or recommend, your restaurant.

There’s also an argument from younger people, that says bar stools are clunky and difficult to move. This can be for a few reasons, but mostly happens when the stools have armrests or they don’t swivel. While having armrests can be nice at times, when the bar area is crowded, it makes moving and getting out of your space rather difficult. Having a swivel bar stool is great because it can help you maneuver out of crowded bars. But if your chair doesn’t have a swivel then sometimes it can seem impossible to get out.


Another reason people dislike bar stools is because they’re uncomfortable. Not all bar stools have backs, which doesn’t give the person sitting in one much support. While some people might not mind, this could be a deal breaker for some customers, especially older ones. Also, since stools are usually made of wood or metal, be sure to provide some kind of cushion too. Both of those options can become really uncomfortable if you sit on them for a long period of time, so the best way to avoid this problem is by buying cushioned stools or a cushion for people to add on their own.


It’s clear that bar stools can be great for your restaurant, but they’re not a necessity. Before deciding, look at your space to see if you have room for them in the bar space for them. Keep some features in mind such as armrests, cushions, and the swivel ability when you’re looking, as they may alter the price of the stools.