Photo by Rambo Elliot

Since Mule Alley opened last summer, I’ve become a regular, both with and without my kiddos. My young daughter loves the weekend pony rides. She’s been asking for a pet giraffe lately *gulp*, so I’m trying to keep her love of animals satisfied through weekly visits to the Stockyards’ petting zoo, particularly the ponies. 

The popular entertainment hotspot in the Stockyards is offering a few extra enticements for locals and their families this weekend. The “photo-worthy” weekend features new pieces by local visual artist and photographer Rambo Elliot, whose work has been featured at the Kimbell Art Museum, Visit Fort Worth (a nonprofit that promotes tourism), and in many prominent publications. 

Photo by Rambo Elliot

“The exhibition brings together various creative fields creating a multivoiced dialogue that emphasizes the pursuit of an artful life, a return to nature, and humanity,” said Regan Velchoff, public relations coordinator for the event. “Photos and neon signage combine to create a holistic temporal space that presents a dialogue on beauty and empowerment, where viewers are encouraged to become fully immersed.” 


Visitors can catch Rambo’s exhibit 6-9pm Fri, 9am-10pm Sat, and 9am-3pm Sun at 128 Exchange Av, Ste 570. 

Photo by Rambo Elliot

Nearby at the Cowboy Coliseum, the Stockyards Championship Rodeos runs 7:30pm Fri-Sat. Kids 12 and under can catch Friday’s action-packed evening of bulls, broncs, and rodeo feats for free. More info at

Country and Americana acts Brody Caster, Costen Cross, Sunday Stirrup, and several others will provide live music for Stockyards revelers this weekend. For the Mule Alley unwashed, Hotel Drover really is a feast for the eyes, and the hotel’s bar and restaurant services locals and tourists alike. Sidesaddle Saloon’s whiskies are as strong as the trailblazing cowgirls who inspired the “finest saloon in Texas.” 

Photo by Rambo Elliot

The Northside destination is worth a visit, especially if you haven’t been there in a while. You might catch me out there Friday waiting in line and happily burning through my spare cash at the pony ride.