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Thursday is going to be a great night for live local music, and it’s all happening on the Near Southside.

Where you end up will be based on how you’re feeling.

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Feeling chill and contemplative, maybe not totally sad but a little distraught about life, love, politics in the way that only sublimity can soothe? MASS (1002 S Main St, 682-707-7774) is the place for you. Led by moody songstress Mara Lee Miller, local underground legends  will be preceded by two equally minimalistically epic Fort Worth stars,  and . Masks required for attendance. Tickets are $7-10 at , or for $37, receive one ticket plus a limited-edition Dirk Fowler screenprint show poster. It’s the design of the snake twisted into a treble clef. Show starts at 8pm.



If you’re feeling hype af Thursday — and why not? it’s almost Friday, for one thing — Tulips FTW (112 St. Louis Av, 817-367-9798) is the place to be. As part of Five & Dime, Sage Mode Wrex, J/O/E, and Dank will take the stage at 7pm. Though the show poster says “no cover,” the  indicates $5. Either way, throw some bones to your entertainers. Pandemic Life’s been really rough on all of our incomes but artists’ especially.


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Sunday Supper Club

Three local Texas Music superstars — Courtney Patton, Jason Eady, and Tommy Alverson — will gather 6-8pm Sun at The Post at River East (2925 Race St, 817-945-8890) for the Sunday Supper Club. Tickets are $35 at Eventbrite. Tables will not be sold at the door and must be purchased in advance. All ages. Free parking. — Anthony Mariani


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