Go Glamping near Canton at Silver Spur Resort. Courtesy

If you are like us, then you love finding fun and unique places to stay when you travel. There is just something cool about staying in an old church like we did in Rome, or staying in a teepee by the river. If you’re like us, then you love these experiences.

Well, lucky for you, there are lots of unique places to stay in Texas, and one of our favorites is covered wagon camping at Silver Spur Resort in Canton. This fun style of Texas glamping allows you to get close to nature without giving up too many of the creature comforts that we have all grown accustomed to.

Resorts all over the United States are adding the old-fashioned Conestoga wagons to their mix of accommodations. While these wagons showcase a 19th-century design, they will bring you right into the 21st-century with their amenities. Your accommodations at Silver Spur for example include air conditioning, heat, electricity, and a king-sized bed.


The minute you arrive at The Silver Spur Resort, you immediately realize that you are at one of Texas’ most unique places to stay. Driving into the parking lot, visitors are greeted with a western ranch-style atmosphere. After checking in at the General Store,  guests are invited to drive to the back of the resort property at Wagon Junction.

The wagons are spaced out nicely and each one is perfectly positioned so that you have a great view of the pond. Each wagon has a private picnic table and grill area in addition to the communal firepit. We stayed in the Bush Wacker wagon and loved the location. Our wagon was furthest from the parking area, and the last one in the row, making it feel a little more private.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Where is the bathroom?” Don’t worry, The Silver Spur has taken good care of you. Just steps away from the wagons, you will find a private bathhouse that is only used by the visitors staying in the covered wagons. There are two bathrooms to share each containing a toilet, sink, and shower.

Canton is a small town in East Texas, about 1.5 hours outside of Fort Worth, making it one of the easier day trips for us. Canton Trade Days put the area on the map. Visitors flock here the weekend before the first Monday of the month to shop the world’s largest flea market. The population is around 3,500 people, but on trade day weekends, this small town is flooded with up to 100,000 people.

If you want to experience the Trade Days during your covered wagon camping experience, then be sure to plan well in advance as The Silver Spur Resort fills up quickly on first Monday weekends.

Of course, you are welcome to just sit back in a chair and do nothing at all during your stay, but for those of you looking for some entertainment, Silver Spur Resort offers its guests loads of amenities to enjoy. To read about things to do during your stay, visit our blogs at