Fantasma Kitchens offers gourmet food to-go. Courtesy Fantasma Kitchens
Bottled Blonde is now open on Morton Street in the West 7th corridor.
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Bottled Blonde

2821 Morton St, 682-428-7015

Massive projection screens and 50 TVs aim to make the Fort Worth location of the national Bottled Blonde chain the go-to spot for watching sports. The 9,000-square-foot pizzeria and beer garden offers an open-air concept, a wide array of adult drink options, and a modern Italian scratch kitchen helmed by Chef Joe Absolar, corporate chef at the Evening Entertainment group that runs several popular restaurants across the country.

Bottled Blonde owner Les Corieri said, “Bottled Blonde is designed like an East Coast brewery with large patios right up to the sidewalks, very warm and inviting interiors, and a lot of craft and local beers and high-quality food.”



Fantasma Kitchens offers gourmet food to-go.
Courtesy Fantasma Kitchens

El Pollo Tocayo, 817-720-5090

At the time we wrote about Pizza Zapasta, the ghost kitchen by restaurateur Lanny Lancarte (Eat Fajitas, Righteous Foods) was just ramping up and promising great things to come. Set in a former church on the North Side, Pizza Zapasta now includes another ghost kitchen, El Pollo Tocayo, both now delivering a “unique Mexican-style spin on traditional Italian and hot chicken,” Lancarte said publicly. El Pollo Tocayo focuses on al-Carbon and Southern-fried chicken options with a Mexican flare.

“I have always drawn inspiration from my childhood and life experiences,” Lancarte added. “My nuclear family is a blend of Mexican and Southern heritage, so El Pollo Tocayo is an expression of taking ingredients from both of my parents’ lineages and blending them into my interpretation. I have always loved Italian cuisine and especially pizza. Being a student and having traveled extensively through Italy, it has always been a cuisine that I have enjoyed exploring by weaving traditional Mexican ingredients in classic dishes.”

The two restaurants, known collectively as Fantasma Kitchens, offer their gourmet food to-go. Order online, by phone, or through the Fantasma Kitchens app.