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Dayne and Ashley Weaver have stuck to the same winning formula since 2019. When I visited one of their first pop-up events at Panther Island Brewing three years ago, many of Dayne’s signature concepts, like his roasted elote topped with spicy Cheetos, were fully formed. Simple rubs (salt and pepper), mild wood flavor, and patiently smoked meats deliver the best results, he told me at the time.

The author found the O.G. Burger to be one of the tastiest things he’s ever put in his mouth.
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In the years since, the married couple behind Dayne’s Craft Barbecue bought a food truck and built a reputation for superlative barbecue and more through their location at Lola’s in the West 7th corridor. A few months ago, when Lola’s announced they were moving to the TCU area, many people wondered if Dayne’s would also relocate to Berry Street. In a Facebook post, Dayne said he enjoyed his time working with the music venue but that his team found an opportunity for a brick-and-mortar location on Camp Bowie West.

After a short wait, customers order at the food truck before going inside to await their order.
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The Dayne’s food truck is parked just west of 820 on Camp Bowie West on weekends, near their upcoming brick-and-mortar location in a strip mall. On a recent afternoon, a small line waited to order — mercifully under the shade of an overhang. Large brown paper sheets that served as menus described the day’s offerings. Customers order at the truck before going to a large indoor room nearby that serves customers until the new space opens later this year. I grabbed a booth and waited for the smoked goodies.

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Every chomp of the pork ribs was juicy, smoky, and mildly sweet. The bark was peppery without overwhelming the succulent meat that readily fell off the bone. The pulled pork was almost too juicy, with crimson red liquid readily leaking over my plate. The meat was pleasantly smoky and accentuated with bits of black pepper.

One of two sausages on the menu that day was the Beefy Texas. The bratwurst-sized meat was hefty, and the casing had a nice snap. Devouring the smoked link left a small stream of juices and oil running down my cheeks. Napkins come in handy here.

Dayne’s Craft Barbecue has a reputation for colorful presentations and succulent meats.
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The bacon brisket sandwich was a delicious, oily treat. The salty, peppery coating offered an initial zing followed by succulent and soft porky goodness. The buttered sesame buns didn’t detract from the meat. Finishing off the sandwich left oil dripping down my fingers. *grabs more napkins*

The crown jewel of my outing was the brisket cheeseburger, a.k.a. the OG Burger. The two smashed patties were juicy and packed with beefy goodness. While ground beef has an even consistency, the O.G.’s repurposed brisket trimmings are an amalgam of small cuts of meat that lend a hearty texture to every bite. Enveloping the hot mess were gobs of melted white and yellow cheeses and drizzles of a tangy red sauce. Dayne’s has crafted easily one of the best burgers in town.

Large paper sheets keep customers updated on the day’s offerings and specials.
Photo by Edward Brown

Tasty and colorful sides abound. The slaw was light on the mayo, and bits of apple and raisins added a pleasant sweetness to the mix of cabbage. The potato salad, sans yellow mustard, featured large chunks of red potatoes blended into finely mashed spuds. Bits of dill, small pieces of cheddar, and a light mayonnaise sauce livened up the medley. There was nothing basic about the mac ’n’ cheese. The hearty al dente pasta didn’t devolve to mush amid the hot gobs of melted cheddar, topped with fine breadcrumbs. And every spoonful of the elote burst with flavor. The bed of roasted corn kernels came topped with crushed fiery Cheetos, bits of cilantro, and a wedge of lime. The overall experience alternated between creamy, spicy, and zesty.

Dayne’s Craft Barbecue has served up consistently great sides and smoked meats since the beginning. The new location probably won’t be the end of the Weavers’ journey, but it is an impressive and well-deserved benchmark for their hardworking team.


Dayne’s Craft Barbecue, 9840 Camp Bowie West, FW. 817-913-0986. 11am-2:30pm Sun, 11am-3pm Fri-Sat.