Tarrant County family courts have become the target of investigative journalism by the Weekly and public criticism by our readers and parental rights advocates in recent months. Courtesy confidential source

Father Along

Readers had lots of reactions to Staff Writer Edward Brown’s article last week about family courts (“Courting Fatherhood,” May 3). Below are some of the comments we received. These letters reflect the opinions and fact-gathering of the authors and only the authors and not the Fort Worth Weekly. To submit a letter, please email Editor Anthony Mariani at He will gently edit it for clarity and concision.

About time somebody started talking about the 231st District Court. I knew immediately Judge Jesse Nevarez was compromised because of what was happening in his associate court with former judge Lindsay DeVos. When I sat down with him, he seemed like a very nice man but as phony as a $3 dollar bill. I didn’t have to look far to find several litigants that were experiencing the same thing in his court but only within the context of certain attorneys. He just seems to sign off on anything. He is heavily dependent on [retired visiting judge] Randy Catterton, and where you find him, you always find trouble. They often refer to us as “bitter parents,” but that is not what is going on in Judge Nevarez’s court. I urge you to continue reporting on the 231st District Court because the community shouldn’t be expected to overlook what they can’t see. If I am wrong about Judge Jesse Nevarez, heck, I will be the first to apologize.

An anonymous mother


Fort Worth

I am praying daily for your battle in and with the terrible judicial court system we have in place. Nothing seems fair or even reasonable. The wheels grind slowly while our children suffer and families suffer. I can’t begin to imagine your pain and frustration. Your son and entire family are very dear to me.

Bonnie Dove


This was a good read and very much relatable. I could talk for days about what I went through just so that I could maintain a relationship with my daughter, which caused me much stress, pain, and money.

Douglas Nipper


I completely feel the heavy hand of this oppressive and corrupt 231st family court. I’ve tried many times to write google reviews about the court only to be deleted. I’ve put in complaints on judges at the 231st to include Nevarez, [Kevin J.] Schmid, and DeVos: Nevarez because he won’t recuse himself from my case (he is a JAG reservist and my son’s father is also a JAG), Devos because she took away my child and made him live with his abuser, Schmitt because he told me not to talk about the abuse my child receives from his father and to take down all petitions and writeups exposing my son’s father and the court. Nope. That’s my First Amendment right I fought for [as a veteran]. This courthouse is run by thugs who strip people of their rights, strip them of money, and are not held accountable. They are buddy buddy with petitioners and lawyers. I won’t comply. All family courts are corrupt and illegal because there is no mention of a separate family court in the Constitution. That’s why family courts look so nice. Through taxes, we fund an illegal system and the people placed in charge. That’s another reason why they don’t care about the children and their “best interest of the child” is incorrect. I can’t wait till common law takes over.

Rebekah Montgomery

Currently in hiding from Judge Nevarez

Excellent article! Let us hope that Texans for Judicial Accountability is able to do its job. There is nothing fair or just or sometimes even logical about our judicial system. The State Commission on Judicial Conduct needs major reform. Cameras in the courtroom? Excellent idea! I look forward to [supporting Texans for Judicial Accountability]. I’ve always said that the only problem we have, as a nation, is apathy. Keep up the enlightenment, and maybe the apathy will become activity.

Joseph Villarreal

Fort Worth

In response to Edward Brown’s factually deficient rant because he was a loser in family litigation, be advised I have known Judge Jesse Nevarez for many years. He is a good person, and good lawyer, and a great judge. As much as Brown obviously loves his children, he is obviously ignorant about the law. After 45 years of practice, I’ve noted the high standards the Star-Telegram has for objectively reporting accurately about litigation. The Fort Worth Weekly has disrespected their readers by publishing what can best be described as garbage, not objective journalism. Take a lesson from the S-T, FWW.

Chuck Noteboom

Fort Worth

Boycotting Texas

Thank you for having the words to express the way many born-and-raised Texans feel about these hateful morons running our state (“Boycott Texas,” May 3). I don’t express my feelings about these crooked politicians in fear of retaliation to me or any member of my family. And many of these evil, so-called evangelical Christians are to blame for the hate that has been created. I wish [Donald] Trump never happened because he woke and brought out the white supremacist idealists that have ruined this country. I will keep fighting for the blue. Thanks.

Pete Garcia

Fort Worth


  1. Even the Texas Supreme Court Advisory Committee openly talks about the incompetence and corruption in the judiciary. So, any shill attorney or other that tries to defend these corrupt judges is simply trying to get brownie points…of course a paedo will defend a paedo.