Broke String Burnett and his band have a new single and video. Courtesy Broke String Burnett

After the release of Doppelganger this past winter, Broke String Burnett and his band have returned with a new single called “Coyote.” The accompanying video is certainly Western in vibe, with a concept fleshed out via stop-motion animation by Jared Popescu from The Greylands Studios.

Inspired by the lockdown, the story “tells the tale of a train-hopping drifter who begins receiving very disturbed visions,” the band says. “He discovers his nightmares are real, and he is seeing through the eyes of a deadly gunslinger in the gothic West. The song follows our main character as he must become the ‘Coyote’ to face the ultimate evil.”

The video premieres on Saturday at The Post at River East (2925 Race St, Fort Worth, 817-945-8890). Along with headliner Burnett, Tommy Luke, and Slow Moving Snakes will perform.

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UPDATE: You can also check it below or on the Broke String Burnett channel on