Friday, June 14, 2024

Tarrant County Voter Guide

School Board Patriots on the Move

Separate Lines

Welcome to Dystopian Texas



Stop Sarah Stop

Sarah Palin continued digging her own grave this morning during an interview with Matt Lauer about her feud with David Letterman.

Nukes in the Air

The fight over more nukes in North Texas gets another public airing tomorrow in Granbury. The SEED...

Possibly Gay Judges and Singers

President Obama still has to pick a Supreme Court justice to replace David Souter, and most of the candidates on his shortlist are women....

Texas BBQ Joints in Pictures

Blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Bailey’s Bar-B-Q on Taylor Street downtown is one of several dozen Texas ‘cue joints included in...

50 million ways to raise money

A loyal reader has been hearing all the talk about the city building itself a grandiose city hall at the old post office and...

Movies, politicians, and gay sex

I went to the AMC Grapevine Mills this past weekend to see Private Eye, a Korean movie that's so obscure that it has neither...

Wendy Davis comes out swinging

State regulatory agencies that come across as apologists interested in protecting rather than regulating industry are getting torched...

Rick Perry & Texas Tea

Well, well. April 15 was a day when the nuttier wing of the Republican party yet again managed to embarrass the rest of the...