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A Royal Affair opens Friday.

Film Shorts

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Smashed.

Don’t Leave Me High

This Must Be the Place opens Friday in Dallas.

Film Shorts

Javier Bardem just wants to feel Daniel Craig’s pectoral muscles in Skyfall.

Skyfall: The Divine Ms. M

Dave Bautista and RZA tangle near the end of "The Man With the Iron Fists."

Iron Fists: Wu, No!

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook at LSIFF.

Returning to the Screen

The Details opens Friday.

Film Shorts

This is my idea of fun, playing video games. Wreck-It Ralph (center) pours out his troubles to his fellow video-game villains.

Wreck-It Ralph: Pixel Sticks

Flight: Get High