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Saviano’s: Real Italian?

You’ve never had Italian food until you’ve had Saviano’s – Italian grandmothers aside.
Saviano’s proclaims, “If you ain’t had Saviano’s, you ain’t had Italian.” Grammatical issues aside, that’s a bold statement. But the new downtown restaurant has the goods to back it up.

The Memory of Pie

Chow, Baby
Hate when this happens: Chow, Baby ate at Fireside Pies (2949 Crockett St.) more than a month ago, but the review kept getting pushed back for higher priorities, like filling an entire column with a rant on smashed burgers. Now...

Who Framed The Duke?

The Tea Party is either the beneficiary of Conspiracy in the Heartland – or the joke.
Political conspiracy theories in America have been around since the colonists fought loony old King George III for independence. Although both the conservative and liberal fringes of the United States have historically been cap...


Arts Fifth Avenue
Arts Fifth Avenue’s current show displays found-art assemblages by Wally Knight, oil paintings by sometime Hip Pocket playwright John Carlisle Moore, and prints by Dale Conner. Tying them loosely together is a shared theme of...

Obama Birth Certificate Flap Finally Over?

Jeff Prince
Potential presidential candidate Donald Trump’s ego is making him look like more of a doofus than usual. Who thought that was possible? Trump is taking credit for forcing President Barack Obama to release his long-form bi...

Will & Kate: Sadly Normal

Jimmy Fowler
Don’t know about you, but my preparations are afoot for Friday morning’s historic wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The blood pudding is congealing, the cream is clotting, and the kippers are pickling. I’ll p...

Fort Worth Fight Video Posted On YouTube

Jeff Prince
Somebody posted a fight video on YouTube yesterday called “Fort Worth Fights,” which shows two young men punching each other for several minutes while people stand around watching, laughing, and commenting. The figh...

Aggie Lust Unleashed

Jimmy Fowler
Have you heard a college student use the word “unchaste” recently? Me, neither. Apparently you have to go to Texas A&M’s Texas Aggie Conservatives student group to hear such harrumphy Victorian language. The group’s...

Worst. Vlog. Ever.

Jeff Prince
A vlogger going by the name of Wray’s Entertainment, who says vlogging “is a way of life,” made a trip to the Fort Worth zoo and posted it on YouTube. Warning: It is one of the most boring vlogs ever created. ...

Live Theatre League Awards

Jimmy Fowler
This afternoon (Monday Apr 25) at 5:30pm, The Live Theatre League of Tarrant County will present its eighteenth annual awards ceremony to honor actors, directors, designers, administrators, and volunteers who pour their hearts ...