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Fare’s Fair

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby tries so hard not to be a conspiracy theorist — well, maybe not that hard — and then along comes yet another scheme that benefits everybody except the consumer: separating money from its value, as in having to bu...

Unheard Classics

Big Ticket
Last week, we wrote about Tan Dun’s Water Concerto in this space, and this week Fort Worth music lovers with a taste for the unusual will have more unusual fare to choose from. It all starts with the TCU Symphony Orchestra co...

Texas Biennial: Austin Bias?

The show mostly takes place in Austin and features a lot of Austin artists – why?
Austin is a lot of things: state capital, Live Music Capital of the Universe ®, home of the second most important football team in the state, hippie playground. But Austin has never really been an art town –– at least comp...


Gallery at UTA
Graduate student art shows always tend to be a mixed bag, but you’ll see some striking pieces at UTA’s M.F.A. exhibit, like the above copper and resin sculpture.

Action on Extraction

Jimmy Fowler
This afternoon (Wed Apr 20) 5-7pm, a group of local environmental activists will converge on downtown Fort Worth for a march and rally to mark the International Day of Direct Action Against Extraction. The group Rising Tide Nor...

County Courthouse Clock Stops Ticking

Jeff Prince
If you’re driving near downtown tomorrow and look at Fort Worth’s lovely old county courthouse you might notice that the tower clock has stopped working. A year-long renovation begins tomorrow, and the historic cloc...

Local Pop Star Wannabes Make Friday Sound Great

Jeff Prince
USA Today throws love to Rebecca Black in this feature of the teenage girl whose “Friday” video created a YouTube sensation (more than 110 million hits and counting). Most of the “sensation” surrounding ...

Mavs Killer In Town; Bet Farm On Portland

Jeff Prince
NBA referee/Mavericks slayer Danny Crawford will be working tonight’s playoff game between the Dallas Mavs and the Portland Trail Cookies at American Airlines Center. Why is that important? Crawford wouldn’t cross t...

Sarah Palin Book Chilling? You Betcha!

Jeff Prince
Former Alaska governor, current pop culture celebrity, future presidential hopeful, and ultimate insignificant blip on the political radar Sarah Palin will be exposed in a “chilling” tell-all book. Former aide Frank...

Hollywood’s Edna Gladney

Jimmy Fowler
Fans of Fort Worth history and classic Hollywood melodramas, take note: Tomorrow afternoon (Tue Apr 19) at 3:45pm, the basic cable channel Turner Classic Movies will screen Blossoms in the Dust (1941), a very glossy Technicolor...