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The Next Oscar Winner?

If the Lone Star International Film Festival is like Fort Worth’s version of Sundance, Christopher Kelly’s Modern Cinema: Great Movies You Haven’t Heard of … Yet is like our version of Toronto’s film festival, an adva...

Best Of 2011

Faces and Phases/2011
Take a look at the cover of this, our biggest issue of the year. It was done by two students from the Art Institute of Fort Worth, each working separately on half of a portrait, neither able to see what the other was doing. The...

Life Liberty And Pursuit Of 10 Large

Jeff Prince
Hey, high schoolers, put down that bong, drop that Twinkie, turn off that video game. Even though you should rightfully be able to pursue those legitimate forms of happiness, you might be better off writing about the U.S. Const...

Open Call of the Dead

Jimmy Fowler
This Friday (Sept 30) is the last day artwork will be accepted for the Rose Marine Theater’s 2011 Dia de los Muertos Art Show. All media – paintings, drawings, sculpture, dioramas, and of course altars – are welcome and c...

The Village on Magnolia

Anthony Mariani
Near the Fairmount neighborhood on the Near South Side, several entertainment establishments will join together to form The Village on Magnolia. Only one of the prospective five, Shinjuku Station, is open. The rest –– BREWE...

Troubador TX And Guthrie Kennard Debut Sunday

Jeff Prince
A new docu-reality TV series examining the unpredictable lives of musicians in the Texas Music scene will feature a couple dozen artists over 22 episodes. And based on last night’s red-carpet premiere, Fort Worth’s ...

Facebook Changes Deserve A Like

Jeff Prince
Yesterday I typed a status update saying I didn’t understand all the furor regarding FB changes. You’d have thought I denied the Holocaust and spat on the pope. Someone even accused me of being a spy (all in good fa...

A Free Day in the District

Jimmy Fowler
Money is tight for a lot of people these days, and living a life of cultcha – attending the museums, the symphony, the opera, the theater – can get pricey. But this weekend, you have no excuse to neglect the fine museums in...

Film Shorts

OPENING Abduction (PG-13) Taylor Lautner stars in John Singleton’s action-adventure film as a teenager who’s sucked into an espionage plot after discovering his own picture on a web site devoted to missing children. Also wi...

Night & Day

WED?21 Opening tonight at 7:30pm is Vigil, a black comedy about a self-obsessed bachelor forced into caring for an allegedly dying aunt whom he hasn’t seen since childhood.