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Penn’s States

A student filmmaker makes movies on the fly.
“Why are you interviewing me?” Lindsay Penn suddenly asked me in the middle of our recent talk. She wasn’t asking out of false modesty or disingenuousness. She really wanted to know. I was interviewing her because her sho...

Rising Up

A lost generation finds its place in North Texas protests — and in the fast-spreading Occupy movement.
Everyone was talking at once, and everyone was passionate — mostly about the same thing. But they weren’t getting anywhere on basic questions like where people would camp. Finally, a waifish 23-year-old stood up and admonis...

Mochi Kitchen Delights

In the pan-Asian wonderland of Haltom City sits a quiet Japanese-food gem.
At first glance, you’d never suspect that Mochi Kitchen in Haltom City offers some of the best Japanese food, including sushi and sashimi, in Tarrant County. The front door has a sign humbly declaring that the place serves ...

The Taste of Sin Is Sweet

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby has noticed a dangerous trend: Bakeries and specialty pastry shops are popping up everywhere. And of course, responsible gourmand (read: glutton) that I am, I had to try some of them out — followed, of course, by n...

Finally, Giselle

Big Ticket
It’s hard to believe that in more than 40 years of creating and staging ballets in Houston and Fort Worth, Texas Ballet Theater artistic director Ben Stevenson has never staged his own version of Giselle. He did oversee the R...

Big Bend Dreams

The famous Texas terrain takes hold.
If Texas painters didn’t have the vast expanse of terra firma known as Big Bend, what would they paint? And don’t say “bluebonnets.” Or “breakfast tacos.” Or “guns and hilariously large pickup trucks.” Something...


William Campbell Contemporary Art
This Saturday at 6pm, William Campbell Contemporary Art will celebrate the opening of Open Sky, an exhibition by Joachim Kersten, whose playful abstracted paintings feature some fiery reds and oranges that’ll burn themselves ...

World Series An Easy Victory

Jeff Prince
Think about it. A couple of Texas Rangers are riding a trail, keeping settlers safe from all types of bad hombres… And then, suddenly, they come face to face with a couple of outlaw Cardinals blocking their path… Wh...

“Devil’s Backbone” at Rose Marine

Jimmy Fowler
Nothing will get you in the Halloween mood quicker than Guillermo del Toro’s rustic and mournful 2001 ghost story The Devil’s Backbone (El Espinazo del Diablo), which gets a free screening 7:30pm Fri (Oct 21) at the Rose Ma...

Tony Romo Being Cut?

Jeff Prince
This just in…HOT SCOOP…breathless…! OK…while driving to work this morning, a van pulled up alongside me in the left lane. The driver kind of resembled Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. As the van passed ...