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Where House New Year’s

Jimmy Fowler
Seems like a lot of people I know are still undecided about their New Year’s Eve plans, or if they’re going to make any at all. But if you need a cool last minute destination to ring in 2012, you could do a lot worse than t...

The Best Movies of 2001

Kristian Lin
I was late with this feature last year, so I’m not repeating that slip-up this year. Here, with the added perspective of 10 years, are my picks for the best films of 2001. For reference, back in December ’01, I picked the f...

The Top 250 Films of 2011

Kristian Lin
Let’s be totally ridiculous for a moment. Since the whole concept of ranking the top 10 movies of the year is an arbitrary exercise to begin with, let’s take the ridiculousness of it to an extreme. I thought I’...

A Bitter Pill

Jimmy Fowler
You hear a lot about culture wars these days – the war on Christmas, the war on women, the war on science. Now I’m taking up arms to fight a new conflict: The war on multivitamins. Friends and countrymen, you will take my F...

Film Shorts

OPENING: Sleeping Beauty (R) The filmmaking debut of Australian novelist Julia Leigh stars Emily Browning as a high-priced prostitute who allows male clients to indulge their fantasies with her while she’s asleep. Also with R...

Night & Day

WED ▪ 28 With the Texas Brahmas set to embark on a 17-day road trip, their game tonight is a chance to give them a nice send-off. The Brahmas want a win against the Laredo Bucks, the team currently in the cellar of their divi...

Happy New Year

What seemed like a dream home in 2004 became a living nightmare for Tim and Christine Ruggiero after drillers started fracking for natural gas just 300 feet from their front door in Decatur. Fort Worth Weekly and others wrote s...

Upward to Madràs

The brothers behind Fou tackle an adventurous side project.
Started by brothers Jeevan and Mathew Antony, Madràs –– everything about it –– was created out of a series of seeming disconnects, fitting for a couple of transnational transients who have found their way to Fort Worth...

Shocking Apparel

Electronic stun devices are being used more widely in court.
Peter Gorman
When the defendant was walked into the Johnson County Courthouse in 2009 to stand trial on multiple charges of sexual assault on a child, he moved stiffly. When he stood to walk to the witness stand, it looked like he might hav...

Louie Lou-way

Last Call
Here’s a funny story about my trip to Bar Louie a couple weeks ago, when the Fort Worth location of the national chain kicked off its first week by giving out free drinks and appetizers. I think it was a Wednesday, and I’d ...