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Former Dallas Cowboys WR Sam Hurd Blows It

Jeff Prince
Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Sam Hurd left the team last year to sign a $5.15 million contract with the Chicago Bears. That provided him with a whole bunch of dollar bills to roll up into little straws. Federal law enfor...

iBrats On a Plane

Jimmy Fowler
People love to slam today’s teens for their alleged sense of entitlement, but it appears that the late Steve Jobs has turned many iDevice-bearing adults into foot-stomping Veruca Salts performing a singalong of “I Want It N...

Film Shorts

OPENING: Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol (PG-13) Tom Cruise returns as a secret agent who’s forced to go rogue after his organization is framed for a terrorist bombing. Also with Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, Simon Pegg...

Night & Day

WED ▪ 14 Texas Family Musicals is ringing in the season with a production called Christmas at the Movies, a tribute to music from famous holiday-themed films. We’re not sure precisely which films they’re saluting, but we...

Cracking the Code

The Texas Railroad Commission this week adopted the rules requiring disclosure of what’s in frac fluid, thus carrying out the intent of legislation passed earlier this year. The rule “will require Texas oil and gas operator...

All That Is Beautiful

Fort Worth singer-songwriter Tim Platt is in bloom.
By his own admission, singer-songwriter Tim Platt, 25, is an introverted guy –– soft-spoken, modest, and not inclined to draw attention to himself. So when a bartender friend at Esoterica Salon & Lounge in the West 7th ...

Form, Function, Neighborhood

Zoning laws are a major tool used by cities to keep neighborhoods together and give residents some control over what they have to live next to. But it’s never been a perfect implement: Normal zoning laws don’t keep McMansio...

Big Ol’ Diamond Jim’s

Last Call
For whatever reason the other night, I had the mystical ville of Grand Prairie on my mind, because I was heading east on I-30 and didn’t feel like stopping in Arlington — I’d originally planned to check out World of Beer ...

Top 10 Local Songs of ’11

Yes, boys and girls, every year around this time, your trusty local music columnist props you up on his sturdy knee, maybe pets you a little (ah, c’mahn!), scans his library of newish local CDs, and — without you even whisp...

Hail Perry Full of …

The governor’s latest political ad gets lots of attention, most of it bad.
Just when it seemed Rick Perry’s flagging presidential campaign couldn’t get any more desperate, his latest Iowa TV ad disproved that belief.