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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: When You’re Smiley…

…the whole world lies to you in this hallowed British spy thriller.
I’ve heard complaints about Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy from those who haven’t read the John le Carré novel on which it’s based or seen the celebrated 1979 BBC TV miniseries adaptation of it. Newcomers find the current fil...

A Tale of Two Rail Systems

Tarrant and Dallas took different public transit routes. Guess who’s ahead.
DAN McGRAW Photos by Chase Martinez
Anyone who has ever tried taking the  Trinity Railway Express to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport knows how poorly planned this commuter rail line is.

Nice to Eat You

Have your “toppings” stuffed into your burger patty at Hi, My Name Is Eat.
If a burger joint is to set itself apart from all others in a crowded field, it needs a little shtick. In Keller, Hello, My Name Is Eat has honed in on a pretty darn good one: Like Patty Shack Burgers in Grand Prairie, My Name ...

Haute Cuisine Worthy of Haute Prices

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby wasn’t born with a silver spoon in its mouth, which is just so wrong. Many were the nights that young Chow, Baby cried itself to sleep because Chow, Mère refused to put a white tablecloth on the high-chair tray (m...

Fort Worth’s Rock Roots

A new photobook details Cowtown’s mighty rockin’ lineage.
In a recent story on DC9 at Night, the Dallas Observer’s music blog, several local media types, including this writer, were asked to assess the North Texas music scene. Everyone seemed to agree that Fort Worth is the hottest ...

War Photographers

Big Ticket
The photography exhibit, Conflict Zone, sponsored by the local professional chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, features pictures taken by 19 military and civilian photographers, mostly in Iraq and Afghanistan o...

The Top 10 Documentaries of 2011

Kristian Lin
You’ll note that no documentaries made my list of Top 10 movies this year, but that’s not because this was a bad year for docs. On the contrary, I saw a bunch of great nonfiction films this year, but I found myself at a los...

Corn On The Ranch

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s “Music” feature offers a chat with the delightful Charla Corn, Texas music singer-songwriter and 3-7pm drive time deejay over at FM 95.9 The Ranch. The Panhandle native writes hook-laden crowd pleasers for the...

Final Off Asides On 2011 Dallas Cowboys

Jeff Prince
The Dallas Cowboys forgot to yank on their boots for the final game of the 2011 regular season. Instead of kicking Giants butt and two-stepping into the playoffs, they now walk barefoot across the prickly, snake-ridden desert k...

“Perspective” at Central Library

Jimmy Fowler
The Fort Worth Perspective is a photo exhibit featuring images by award-winning Cowtown snappers Karl Thibodeaux, Byrd Williams, and Mike Winfrey that offer unusual angles on the city’s neighborhoods and landmarks, including ...