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A Potpourri of Poisons

Fake pot and other synthetic “drugs” are causing real harm.
Horror stories about smoking synthetic incense or potpourri were spreading long before Hollywood actress Demi Moore linked her famous face to the phenomenon. She went into seizure on Jan. 23 in Los Angeles, and a friend’s 911...

Next Stop? Cancun

This eatery might not look like much, but its Tex-Mex is up there with the best.
If a pawnshop is enough to scare you away from a neighborhood, you might never work up the courage to walk through the door of Cancun Restaurant, on the south side of Camp Bowie West. And that would be a shame.

Scenes from a Marriage

Big Ticket
Unlike many films that come to us from Iran, A Separation isn’t overtly political, which is probably why the thuggish Iranian government felt comfortable submitting it for Oscar consideration. Don’t let that put you off thi...

TCU Drug Busts Have Silver Lining

Jeff Prince
The national news media is all over the big drug bust at Texas Christian University, where police reportedly arrested 17 students (and counting) for selling marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and prescription pills. The bright side i...

Kimbell Family Festival

Jimmy Fowler
The Kimbell Art Museum and The Lone Star Film Society offer a family festival 1-4pm this Saturday (Feb 18) that focuses on the power and potential of color in art and the natural world. Color Your World includes interactive mul...

7th Haven Closing

Anthony Mariani
After 10 years and three different locations, the lovable bar-bar the 7th Haven in the West 7th corridor is closing for good. The final blowout will be Saturday, Feb. 25. In a statement, Haven owner Jimmy Moore attributes his d...

Jack In The Box Bacon Shake A Diet Drink?

Jeff Prince
I stopped at a Jack in the Box restaurant a few minutes ago and ordered dinner at the drive-thru, and the woman taking my order said, “Would you like to try one of our new bacon shakes?” “God no, that sounds h...

Quaker City Night Hawks Backing Jenny O. at SXSW

Anthony Mariani
Los Angeles singer-songwriter Jenny O., who has toured with Leon Russell and Ben Harper and recently joined Paul McCartney, Lou Reed, The Black Keys, My Morning Jacket, and Fiona Apple in contributing a song to Rave On, a Buddy...

Ridglea Theater Still Moving Forward

Anthony Mariani
The Ridglea Theater dream has not died. It has merely changed shape. Ever since Jerry Shults, owner of the Gas Pipe regional chain of smoke shops, purchased the historic Westside venue, saving it from becoming a bank, North Tex...

Marriage Equality Rally

Jimmy Fowler
I’m normally pretty apathetic about Valentine’s Day. (And yes, I thought it was kind of a fake silly “holiday” even when I was in a relationship). But if you’re going to mark the day, do it with a meaningful statement...