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S&M Goes Mainstream… Again

I guess I’m a little behind the curve in the whips-and-handcuffs department — wait, is there an unintended pun in there? Despite weeks of media fanfare over “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the Twilight fan-ficti...


Civil Courts Building Groundbreaking At 2

Jeff Prince
If you are interested in the new Tarrant County Civil Courts Building that’s being planned for downtown — and who the heck wouldn’t be? — then you can be a part of history this afternoon. Groundbreaking ...

Sissy Spacek

Court Ruling on “Bully” (Plus, The Cinema of Bullying)

Kristian Lin
A bit of news came down this past week related to Bully, which is still playing in Tarrant County. A federal district court judge threw out the lawsuit brought by the family of Tyler Long (one of the kids whose suicide is cover...


FW Biz Press Owner Sued Over Money Questions

Jeff Prince
Andrew Beaujon of the Bangor Daily News writes about how a Wilkes-Barre publishing company is suing former CEO Rich Connor. Connor resigned from that company last year and returned to Fort Worth as owner and publisher of the Fo...

SiNaCa featured onsite glass-blowing.

Spring Arts Goggle Recap

Alex Tyler
Hundreds of lovers of art, music and food trucks filled the Near South Side on Saturday to celebrate Fort Worth’s artistic spirit. Arts Goggle, like Fort Worth Art Dealers Association’s Gallery Nights, is a biannual event, ...

Downtown Arlington’s New Logo Defies Snark

Jeff Prince
Downtown Arlington’s new logo that was introduced yesterday has me perplexed. I’m here at my computer, snarky as ever, smelling blood, ready to pounce. But I can’t find much to poke with a stick, even though t...

Who cares about Lockheed’s machinists? Not the Pentagon

A Star-Telegram story from yesterday quoted a defense consultant and Lockheed spokespersons as shrugging off concerns that striking machinists will have any impact on the production of F-35 jets, the most expensive — and ...

Hey! It’s Our New Site!

Kristian Lin
Greetings, Weekly readers! By now, you’ve probably noticed that we have a newly redesigned website! It’s got bigger type and a cleaner interface, and it’s generally more picture-tastic. What do you think? Leav...

Chernobyl Diaries opens Friday.

Film Shorts

OPENING: Chernobyl Diaries (R) Jesse McCartney stars in this horror film as one of six tourists who hire a local tour guide (Dmitri Diatchenko) to take them to a Ukrainian city abandoned after the nuclear plant’s meltdown. Al...