Josh Hamilton at the Movies

Posted June 22, 2012 by Kristian Lin in Blotch
His life story: Coming to a theater near you?His life story: Coming to a theater near you?

Attention Texas Rangers fans: The news has just dropped this afternoon that Josh Hamilton’s life story of overcoming addiction is garnering interest from Hollywood. Casey Affleck (the brother of Ben and the director of the Joaquin Phoenix prank documentary I’m Still Here) is out in Tinseltown seeking financing for this project, which he would write and direct.

This is potentially bigger Rangers-related movie news than Ron Washington turning up as a character in Moneyball. Here’s an interesting question, Rangers fans and movie fans: Which young actor should portray Josh Hamilton? Casey Affleck is an actor himself, but he’s the wrong type to play the Rangers slugger. So who do we like for the lead role, readers? Taylor Kitsch? Garrett Hedlund? One of the Hemsworths? Let’s hear your suggestions.



    Chris Pratt who portrayed Scott Hatteberg in Moneyball would be a good fit.


    Casey Affleck will play Jon Daniels. Mark it down.

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