Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs. Philly

Posted December 3, 2012 by Jeff Prince in Blotch
(Flickr photo by jd tornow)(Flickr photo by jd tornow)

Okay, so it was like finding an old, severely injured eagle lying on the side of the road…and then beating it to death with a two-by-four.

But, hey, the Cowboys showed heart.

The ‘Boys of Christmases Past stumbled into December 2012 last night, and instead of imploding  as expected, they overcame another horrifying start and managed to pull out a 38-33 home field victory.

December curse, away.

Playoff hopes, alive.

DeMarco Murray, welcome back you stud.

The hapless and stud-less Eagles were missing their starting quarterback, running back, and wide receiver. So let’s not get crazy about this win.

Still, the running game is back, thanks to Murray re-joining the lineup after a six-week absence. Dez Bryant continues to evolve into someone worthy of wearing No. 88. Tony Romo is chomping at the bit to prove critics wrong after six frustrating seasons as a starter. And the rest of the NFC East seems quite beatable.

In other words, I’m sticking to my original prognostication — Cowboys are Super Bowl bound, baby!


    Louis McBee

    Arlington Cowboys super bowl bound? Get REAL!


    I look forward to saying “I told you so” in about two months.

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