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Veronica Mars

“Veronica Mars”: Now a Movie!

Kristian Lin
It’s not often that a TV show that has been off the air for six years makes headlines, but that’s exactly what has happened with Veronica Mars. The show first aired on UPN in 2004, then later moved to the CW when those two ...


Radio’s Kidd Kraddick & Co. Find A TV Home

Jeff Prince
Next time you run into Kidd Kraddick and his morning radio bunch, you can’t use that old joke about their having good faces for radio. Kraddick, Kellie Rasberry, Jenna Owens, and the rest of the local radio team are being fea...


State Lawmakers Want to Get Inside You

For a crowd that claims to want less government in their everyday lives, right-wing Texas legislators have a thing about policing people’s bodies. Same-sex marriage rights have long been considered a non-starter in this stat...


Facebook Comments Feed On Mothers’ Milk

Eric Griffey
This state legislative session has been generous with whacky melodrama. Facebook and other social media outlets have become fertile grounds for all manner of missteps, as lawmakers are free to go rogue. Yesterday, public breast...

"The Call" opens Friday.

Film Shorts

OPENING: The Call (R) Halle Berry stars in this thriller as a 911 operator who becomes obsessed with stopping a serial killer whom she has encountered in the past. Also with Abigail Breslin, Morris Chestnut, Michael Eklund, Dav...


Night & Day

WED ▪ 13 No matter where you live, chances are you’re in a zone for earthquakes, floods, fires, tornadoes, or hurricanes. These are all challenges for architects, so Tommy Stewart comes to Fort Worth Center for Architecture...

Revolver's ceviche courtesy Facebook.

Upscale, Down, Second Time Around

Sometimes Chow, Baby and a restaurant get off on the wrong foot. Both restaurants and food critics are entitled to a bad night every now and then. So I went out on a second-chances round last week, and I’m happy to report tha...


Storm Front

When last we left John Storm, he was cooling his heels in state prison after being convicted of possessing child pornography and directing the sexual performance of a child under 14. He was sentenced to 10 years in July 2011. A...


Blarney Blowouts

Last year, as South By Southwest drew to a close, I had this moment when I almost went against my innate urge to avoid huge hassles and decided to stay one more night, all because I saw the thunder god himself, singer for Asgar...

You can see The Hanna Barbarians at SXSW on Saturday and then at the Madness St. Patrick's Day party here on Sunday.

South By Weekend

’Tis the season for music festivals, anchored by possibly the best, most progressive, easiest-to-navigate festival in the world, South By Southwest. Created some 25 years ago as a showcase for up-and-coming bands, the annual ...