Lonely at the Top

Anthony Mariani
It ain’t easy being me, a native Pittsburgher surrounded by Cowboys fans, Rangers fans, and Stars fans. My friends here are always razzing me, saying stuff like, “Tony Romo’s girlfriend is way hotter than Ben Roethlisberg...

DFW: Second Angriest Drivers in the Country

Anthony Mariani
The angriest and most aggressive, according to a new survey, are in New York City, which means that the angriest, most aggressive drivers really are in Dallas-Fort Worth –– New York City, with its tight streets and city-int...

Say It Ain’t So David Letterman

Jeff Prince
It broke my heart to see David Letterman slip into being an anachronism this week after apologizing for remarks made in a monologue about one of Sarah Palin’s daughters. That’s something the fair-haired Jay Leno would have ...

Past Doesn’t Dog Nate Newton

Jeff Prince
Michael Irvin’s new reality TV show Fourth and Long is pretty fascinating stuff. He and other ex-Cowboys such as Bill Bates, Joe Avezzano, and Jay Novacek are coaching a dozen wide receivers and defensive backs and eliminatin...

S-T Classified Building Update

Kevin Buchanan over at FortWorthology, is reporting that the Star-Telegram classified ad building may be sold to the Fort Worth Club and demolished for a surface parking lot. This mid-century building was negelcted, but has som...

A Dangerous Job

Gayle Reaves
Journalists around the world are watching North Korea these days to see what is in store in that repressive country for two young journalists, Euna Lee and Laura Ling, who were recently sentenced to 12 years in a labor prison f...

Stop Sarah Stop

Jeff Prince
Sarah Palin continued digging her own grave this morning during an interview with Matt Lauer about her feud with David Letterman.

See Water Burn

Jeff Prince
Film director Josh Fox lives in the Northeast United States and is worried about the influx of natural gas drillers up there. So he took a little trip out West to see what all the fuss about natural gas drilling is about, and h...

Tim Love’s Appearance on Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters”

Last night, Tim Love owner/chef of Lonesome Dove Western Bistro and Love Shack, and winner of the Food Network’s “Iron Chef,” competed on the Bravo network’s new show “Top Chef Masters.” The show takes established c...

Palin Leads … Herself Off Cliff

Jeff Prince
When is Sarah Palin going to learn? If she plans on representing the GOP in the future she needs to stop talking. Besides having the most annoying voice since Fran Drescher, Palin is revealing a thin-skinned ignorance that isn...