The Biggest (Lovable) Losers: Western Hills Cougars

You’ve probably heard the story by now, since it’s making web headlines: A Western Hills High School parent filed a bullying complaint against football coaches at Aledo High School after the Aledo Bearcats trounced the West...


Washington (Racial Slurs) Face Dallas Cowboys On Sunday

Jeff Prince
Nobody around these parts needs another reason to hate the Washington Redskins. That burgundy-and-gold bunch of ingrates has been the oldest and fiercest rival of the Dallas Cowboys through the decades. And anyone who thinks Je...


Cowboys, Broncos Try to Ruin Football

Everyone’s raving about the Broncos/Cowboys game. How exciting it was. How “entertaining,” to use a word that’s been bandied about zillions of times already, it was. Meh, if scoring touchdowns is the only thing that exc...

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Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs. Baddass Broncos

Jeff Prince
The best boxing match I ever saw was in 1973 when my cousin Little Johnny fought in the Golden Gloves. He was matched up against a bigger and more experienced fighter, but Little Johnny had a game look on his face as he climbed...


Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs San Diego Chargers

Jeff Prince
The Houston Texans were battling it out with the unbeaten Seattle Seahawks in the noon game yesterday, and I’d invested three hours into the game when, with the score tied 20-20 in overtime, FOX4 broke away to the Dallas Cowb...


“USA Today” Confirms Hugeness of Speedway Screen

You may have heard that Texas Motor Speedway is bragging about its proposed new HD screen. The thing about this particular video board is that it’s really big –– so huge, in fact, officials have nicknamed it “Big Hoss...

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Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs St. Loser Rams

Jeff Prince
I’ve become an adrenaline junkie. The Cowboys lassoed, hogtied, and gelded the Rams yesterday in a 31-7 near masterpiece. So why am I so unfulfilled? Sundays during football season have become my weekly trip to the amusem...

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Emmitt Smith Finally Gets Some Recognition

Jeff Prince
The greatest running back to ever play for the Dallas Cowboys (sorry Tony D.) is Emmitt Smith, and the poor guy just never got his due. Smith is the National Football League’s all-time leading rusher, with eight Pro Bowl ...

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Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Kansas City Chiefs

Jeff Prince
The Dallas Cowboys haven’t done much to earn my annual optimism during the past decade, although I still project them to win the Super Bowl most every year. This past summer, during a surprising stretch of serious doubt, I be...

USA World Cup qualification

The USA Soccer Ladder (September 2013)

Kristian Lin
USA clinched its spot in the 2014 World Cup with its victory over Mexico last night and other results going their way. That means its time once again to reassess which players are looking good to be on the plane to Brazil next ...