Big Ticket

Kick Off

Anthony Mariani
On Friday, Texas Dance Theatre introduces itself to Fort Worth with  a Gala Kickoff Opening at Scott Theatre at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center.

Turning Corners

How do you keep a classic play like Our Town from going stale? It’s simple – turn it into an opera. Of course, it helps to have one of America’s best living composers write the music. That would be Ned Rorem, ...

Glass Slipper, Silver Lining

Leonard Eureka
There’s good news and bad from Texas Ballet Theater as its season-closing revival of Ben Stevenson’s Cleopatra rolls into Bass Performance Hall this weekend.

Big Ticket

Big Ticket
It’s a little weird that none of the marquee events at the Cowboys of Color Museum Weekend is actually being held at the museum itself. Then again, most of them are taking place at the nearby Will Rogers Memorial Center, ...

Moods of Mahler

Big Ticket
Gustav Mahler was a talented but tyrannical orchestra conductor, a believer in numerological superstitions and a man whose workaholic habits so wrecked his marriage that he and his wife wound up consulting Sigmund Freud himself...

MoMA Movies at the Modern

Big Ticket
The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth takes a two-week break from screening current independent films to make room for Still Moving: Classic Films from MoMA.


Big Ticket
The Chinese regard eight as a lucky number, which is one reason the Beijing Olympics are beginning on the date 8/8/08.

New Stuff on North Side

Big Ticket
If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, you can’t go wrong heading to the north side of town.


Big Ticket
With Casa Mañana suddenly going in for the newfangled likes of Spamalot and Avenue Q this summer, it’s ironic that this week the most interesting things in town are two theater troupes opening old shows.

Happy Birthday, Casa

Big Ticket
Casa Mañana has been around for 50 years! Who knew?!