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Pokémon, Go!

Steve Steward
Almost 20 years ago, when my brother Andy was 10 and I had come home for Christmas break during my sophomore year in college, he got super-mad because my dad asked a totally reasonable but 1,000 percent dadical question about t...

See Wednesday

Night & Day

WED ▪ 30 In previous years, Central Market’s spring food festivals have focused on Argentina, Spain, France, and Brazil. This year, Italy gets its turn with Passaporto Italia. Two weeks’ worth of classes and demonstration...

TNL Goes Out In Soulful Style

Jeff Prince
Tonight marks the final show of the season for Fort Worth Weekly‘s concert series Thursday Night Live at Central Market. And what better way to go out than with mister soul himself Josh Weathers. The show is free, the sea...

Josh Weathers Rocks The Joint

Jeff Prince
As I was writing the headline for this post, I wished somebody would have poked fun of soul man Josh Weathers last night. That way, I could have written the headline, “Josh Weathers Weathers Joshing.” But nobody mad...

Food Fight!

Jimmy Fowler
File this under “Stuff You Don’t See Every Day”: This afternoon (Tue May 24 at 5:30pm), Fort Worth’s Central Market will attempt to recreate “La Tomatina,” the famous annual tomato fight that happens on the east coa...

Canta Rhythm And Brass At Central Market Tonight

Jeff Prince
Cinco De Mayo fell on a Thursday this year, and that means Thursday Night Live at Central Market is going to be hopping with the Latino sounds of Canta Rhythm and Brass. That band is muy bueno. Very muy bueno.

Glen Farris at “TNL”

Jimmy Fowler
Tonight’s edition of “Thursday Night Live” at Central Market (4651 W Frwy, FW) features something a little different: Denton-based singer-songwriter Glen Farris combines poetry, storytelling, and a mythic sense of Texas p...

Luke Wade at TNL

Jimmy Fowler
Tonight’s edition of “Thursday Night Live” at Central Market (4651 W Frwy, FW) is a little bit pop, a little bit rock, and a whole lotta soul, with a decidedly Texas twist: Luke Wade will perform an acoustic set with two ...

Backside Pick at “TNL”

Jimmy Fowler
Tonight’s edition of “Thursday Night Live” at Central Market (4651 W Frwy, FW) is a particularly funkalicious one: Denton’s nine-piece funk-jazz-R & B outfit Backside Pick owns the stage 7-9 pm. Americana singer-son...

Will Killdares Dare To Wear Moo Moos Tonight?

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth-based Celtic rock band the Killdares will throw down their entertaining mix of music and revelry at 6 tonight at Central Market. The Thursday Night Live music series (sponsored by yours truly Fort Worth Weekly) is a ...