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RadioShack Might Downgrade To Real Shack

Jeff Prince
If I were down to my last $62 million in cash, I’d be upset but could somehow squeak by. RadioShack, on the other hand, might soon be looking for a tin cup and a shady street corner. A recent CNNMoney article shared the s...


Don Young Is Bad, He’s Nationwide

Jeff Prince
You’ve seen Don Young’s name in Blotch and the pages of Fort Worth Weekly many times in the past eight years, ever since gas drilling became prevalent near parks, schools, homes, rivers, and lakes. Prior to that, Yo...

Dancing With The Graceless TV Pundit? No Thanks

Jeff Prince
“Dancing With The Stars” rarely graces my TV screen because I have no desire to watch pseudo-celebrities dance. The show will absolutely never grace my TV this season out of fear that CNN legal pundit Nancy Grace...

Breaking News: The Gulf is Oily!

Jimmy Fowler
If fans of The Daily Show were to spend a few consecutive hours watching one of the 24/7 cable news stations, they’d realize: Jon Stewart’s writing staff doesn’t have to work that hard to find ideas. It only requires a li...

Pit Bull Blood Needed In Larry King Successor

Jeff Prince
Softball-lobbing, butt-kissing “journalist” Larry King is finally retiring after a quarter century of bad interviews. Some people poked fun at King because of his many marriages, questionable fashion sense, and his inclinat...

Wacked-up Over Jacko

Jimmy Fowler
“Breaking News: Michael Jackson Still Weird and Still Dead!” CNN plays continuously throughout the day at my house as a kind of background noise. The amount of coverage being given to Jackson’s death is smothering, and I ...

Hail the King

Jimmy Fowler
Regrettably, I was not among the 500 Twitter-alerted fans to snag seats for the Jonas Brothers’ interview at Cowboys Stadium. I have little interest in the stadium, and even less in Kevin, Joe, and Nick. (The thought of being...