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The Watchdog Now Barking In Dallas

Jeff Prince
It didn’t take long for Dave “The Watchdog” Lieber to find a job after being unceremoniously dumped by the struggling Fort Worth Star-Telegram after 20 years. Lieber announced today that he’ll begin writ...

BIG TEX (photo by traveling fools of america).

Howdy, Blown Opportunity: Big Tex To Return The Same

Jeff Prince
Look at that picture of Big Tex. I mean really look at it. Imagine that Big Tex had never been seen before, and State Fair of Texas officials decided to install a new mascot at the front gate this year. The day of the big unvei...


More Ship-Jumping

Anyone with business savvy can compare the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and The Dallas Morning News and spot the differences. The Star-T is owned by a struggling corporation in faraway California that is hip-deep in debt and slashi...


Ted Nugent Talks Obama, Guns At Billy Bob’s

Jeff Prince
The president, “big” women, and machine guns were a few of the topics that redneck philosopher and rock guitarist Ted Nugent touched on during Saturday night’s performance at Billy Bob’s Texas. The Dalla...


DMN Story: Bush + Abstinence + Condoms = Win

Andrew McLemore
I’ll begin with acknowledging that President George W. Bush is an easy target. Criticizing the cowboy president that embroiled America in the longest wars in its history and deepest recession since the 1930s isn’t a...

Eat More Donkey

Jeff Prince
More and more donkeys are wandering loose as their owners set them free rather than pay to feed them or euthanize them, according to today’s Dallas Morning News. The vicious cycles goes like this: the drought kills vegeta...

Rick Perry? Really?

Jimmy Fowler
Rick Perry – “Texan of the Year.” Really, Dallas Morning News? The paper’s citation is given annually to “a Texan who has had an uncommon impact; who exemplifies Texas traits of trailblazing, independence, and...

Dallas Morning News To Charge For Online Content

Jeff Prince
The newspaper tried charging for online access some years back but few people were willing to pay to read the Dallas Morning News on their computer back then. Now, News & Tech says the Dallas daily is planning to try again ...

Dallas Morning News Asleep At Switch Today?

Jeff Prince
The Dallas Morning News online site is still running the oily birds found in Texas story that it posted at 7:40 a.m. But that story has since been debunked. Yahoo! News filed a corrected report two-and-a-half hours ago. A Morni...

Ted Pillsbury’s Death Reported As Suicide

Jeff Prince
Former Kimbell Museum Director Edmund P. “Ted” Pillsbury apparently committed suicide, according to a Dallas Morning News article that went up on the paper’s web site today. Kaufman County Sheriff David Byrnes refused to ...