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Facebook Changes Deserve A Like

Jeff Prince
Yesterday I typed a status update saying I didn’t understand all the furor regarding FB changes. You’d have thought I denied the Holocaust and spat on the pope. Someone even accused me of being a spy (all in good fa...

Willow Palin, Mean Girl

Kristian Lin
Here’s a bigger internet brushfire than whether hackers are keeping Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars. Responding to a poster named Tre criticizing the new reality TV show Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Bristol’s...

NUD Needs U — But Not U

Jeff Prince
Finally, National Unfriend Day (NUD) is here and I can start trimming the fat off my list of Facebook friends without feeling guilty. The brainchild of talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, NUD is a free pass to cleanse your FB page of ...

Facebook on the Screen

Kristian Lin
Surprising no one, The Social Network was the most-watched film over the weekend. Now that my review of the movie is finally up on this site, I can post a bunch of links regarding the movie. Wired previews the film and does a p...

I Like The Social Network

Citizen Kane meets Revenge of the Nerds. It’s ridiculously entertaining.
Let me start by telling you what The Social Network isn’t, because it’s a lot of things you might not expect. First of all, it’s not really about Facebook, even though many people are calling this “the Facebook movie....

Facebook Enemies

Jimmy Fowler
David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin’s movie The Social Network — getting its nationwide release next weekend — appears poised to take a dramatic dump on Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and, to a lesser extent, the ...

Facebook Got You Jealous?

Jimmy Fowler
Way back in that ancient era known as the ‘90s, a friend told me that she often felt a little jealous after watching the then-megahit NBC sitcom Friends. The reason? The lives of those TV characters rarely appeared boring or ...

Keyboard Commandos

The folks who threaten political violence aren’t hiding — they’re tweeting and posting.
The photo pages are filled with shots of masked men holding large guns, some with the U.S. flag tied around their lower faces. There are tips on how to stockpile ammo and hip-hop videos promoting armed revolution. And the rheto...

Facebook ‘Friend Collectors’ Puzzling

Jeff Prince
Seems like every other day I get a facebook friend request from somebody I’ve never met. Sometimes they live locally, and maybe we even have a mutual friend or two, but since we’ve never met each other — why d...

Thank God and Greyhound, is she gone yet?

Fourteen minutes and one second … 14 minutes and two seconds … 14 minutes and three seconds … . Sarah Palin‘s 15 minutes of fame are just about up, but she’s going to sprint to the finish line. Her...